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Anleitung JVC, modell KD-G417

Hersteller: JVC
Dateigröße: 2.4 mb
Fotos und technische Daten  JVC  KD-G417
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

While playing an MP3 or WMA disc • When “TAG DISP” is set to “TAG ON” (see page 21) *2 If an MP3/WMA file does not have ID3 tags, folder name and file name appear. In this case, the TAG indicator will not light up. • When “TAG DISP” is set to “TAG OFF” Selecting the playback modes You can use only one of the following playback modes at a time. 2 Select your desired playback mode. ENGLISH Repeat play Mode Plays repeatedly TRK RPT: The current track. • RPT lights up. FLDR RPT*: All tracks of the current folder. • and RPT light up. RPT OFF: Cancels. Ex.: When “TRK RPT” is selected while playing an MP3 disc Random play Mode Plays at random FLDR RND*: All tracks of the current folder, then tracks of the next folder and so on. • RND and light up. DISC RND: All tracks of the current disc. • RND and light up. RND OFF: Cancels. Ex.: When “DISC RND” is selected while playing an MP3 disc * Only while playing an MP3 or WMA disc. 17 Sound adjustments ENGLISHSelecting preset sound modes (C-EQ: custom equalizer) You can select a preset sound mode suitable to the music genre. ~ Y Indication For: Preset values BAS*1 TRE*2 LOUD*3 USER (Flat sound) 00 00 OFF ROCK Rock or disco music +03 +01 ON CLASSIC Classical music +01 –02 OFF POPS Light music +04 +01 OFF HIP HOP Funk or rap music +02 00 ON JAZZ Jazz music +02 +03 OFF *1 BAS: Bass *2 TRE: Treble *3 LOUD: Loudness Ex.: When “ROCK” is selected Indication pattern for each sound mode: Adjusting the sound Indication To do: Range BAS*1 Adjust the bass. –06 (min.) (bass) to +06 (max.) TRE*1 Adjust the treble. –06 (min.) (treble) to +06 (max.) FAD*2 (fader) Adjust the front and rear speaker balance. R06 (Rear only) to F06 (Front only) BAL (balance) Adjust the left and right speaker balance. L06 (Left only) to R06 (Right only) LOUD*1 Boost low and LOUD ON (loudness) high frequencies to produce a well- balanced sound at J LOUD OFF low volume level. VOL*3 Adjust the volume. 00 (min.) to (volume) 30 or 50 (max.)*4 ENGLISH You can adjust the sound characteristics to your preference. Ex.: When “TRE” is selected 2 Indication pattern changes as you adjust the level. *1 When you adjust the bass, treble, or loudness, the adjustment you have made is stored for the currently selected sound mode (C-EQ) including “USER.” *2 If you are using a two-speaker system, set the fader level to “00.” *3 Normally the +/– buttons work as the volume control. So you do not have to select “VOL” to adjust the volume level. *4 Depending on the amplifier gain control setting. (See page 21 for details.) 19 General settings — PSM ENGLISH 3 Adjust the PSM item selected. Basic procedure You can change PSM (Preferred Setting Mode) items listed in the table that follows. 1 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to adjust the other PSM items if necessary. 2 Select a PSM item. 5 Finish the procedure. Ex.: When you select “DIMMER” Indications Selectable settings, [reference page] DEMO DEMO ON: [Initial]; Display demonstration will be activated Display demonstration automatically if no operation is done for about 20 seconds, [7]. DEMO OFF: Cancels. CLOCK H 0 – 23, [7] Hour adjustment [Initial: 0 (0:00)] CLOCK M 00 – 59, [7] Minute adjustment [Initial: 00 (0:00)] CLK ADJ Clock adjustment AUTO: [Initial]; The built-in clock is automatically adjusted using the CT (clock time) data in the RDS signal. OFF: Cancels. Indications Selectable settings, [reference page] AF-REG Alternative frequency/ regionalization reception When the received signals from the current station become weak... AF: [Initial]; Switches to another station (the programme may differ from the one currently received), [13]. • The AF indicator lights up. AF REG: Switches to another station broadcasting the same OFF: programme. • The AF and REG indicators light up. Cancels. PTY-STBY PTY standby Activates PTY Standby Reception with one of the 29 PTY codes, [13]. OFF [Initial] = 29 PTY codes, [11] = (back to the beginning) TA VOL Traffic announcement volume [Initial: VOL 20]; VOL 00 – VOL 30 or 50*, [12] * Depends on the amplifier gain control. P-SEARCH Programme search ON: OFF: Using the AF data, the receiver tunes in to another frequency broadcasting the same programme as the original preset RDS station is if the preset station signals are not sufficient. [Initial]; Cancels. DIMMER Dimmer ON: OFF: Activates dimmer. [Initial]; Cancels. TEL Telephone muting MUTING 1/MUTING 2: Select either one which mutes the sounds while using the cellular phone. OFF: [Initial]; Cancels. SCROLL* Scroll ONCE: AUTO: OFF: [Initial]; Scrolls the disc information once. Repeats scrolling (5-second intervals in between). Cancels. • Pressing DISP for more than one second can scroll the display regardless of the setting. TAG DISP Tag display TAG ON: TAG OFF: [Initial]; Shows the ID3 tag while playing MP3/WMA tracks, [16]. Cancels. AMP GAIN Amplifier gain control You can change the maximum volume level of this receiver. LOW PWR: VOL 00 – VOL 30 (Select this if the maximum power of the speaker is less than ...

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