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B. Keep the left arm as straight as possible. C. Keep weight on both feet. CAUTION While the saw is cutting, be sure the chain and bar are being properly lubricated. 6-4A B A C 6-3A 13 7 - MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 7 - MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS All chain saw service, other than items listed here in your user manual maintenance instructions, should be performed by your nearest Authorized Service Center. 7-1.PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE A good preventive maintenance program of regular inspection and care will increase life and improve performance of your MTD chain saw. This maintenance checklist is a guide for such a program. Cleaning, adjustment, and parts replacement may be required, under certain conditions, at more frequent intervals than those indicated. MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST EACH USE HOURS OF OPERATION ITEM ACTION 10 20 SCREWS / NUTS / BOLTS INSPECT / TIGHTEN 4 AIR FILTER CLEAN OR REPLACE 4 FUEL FILTER / OIL FILTER REPLACE 4 SPARK PLUG CLEAN / ADJUST / REPLACE 4 SPARK ARRESTER SCREEN INSPECT 4 REPLACE AS REQUIRED 4 FUEL HOSES INSPECT 4 *REPLACE AS REQUIRED CHAIN BRAKE® COMPONENTS INSPECT 4 *REPLACE AS REQUIRED *Recommended for Maintenance by a Authorized Service Center Technician. 14 7 - MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 7 - MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 7-2. AIR FILTER CAUTION Never operate saw without the air filter. Dust and dirt will be drawn into engine and damage it. Keep the air filter clean! TO CLEAN AIR FILTER: 1. Remove the top cover (A) by loosening the cover retaining screw. Cover will lift off.(Figure 7-2A) 2. Completely remove the air filter box (B) from the unit. (Figure 7-2B) 3. Clean air filter box by using air cleaner or brush. NOTE: Never clean air filter with liquid material or it may cause air filter damaged. 4. Install air filter box. Install engine / air filter cover. Make sure cover fits properly. Tighten the cover retaining screw securely. WARNING Never perform maintenance when the engine is hot, to avoid any chance of burning hands or fingers. A 7-2A B 7-2B 7-3.FUEL FILTER CAUTION Never operate your saw without a fuel filter. The fuel filter should be replaced after each 20 hours of use. Drain fuel tank completely before changing filter. 1. Completely remove the fuel cap from the gas tank. 2. Bend a piece of soft wire to form a hook at the end. 3. Reach into fuel tank opening and hook fuel line. Carefully pull the fuel line toward the opening until you can reach it with your fingers. NOTE: Do not pull hose completely out of tank. 4. Lift filter (A) out of tank (Figure 7-3A). 5. Pull filter off with a twisting motion. Discard filter. 6. Install new filter. Insert end of filter into tank opening. Make sure filter sits in bottom corner of tank. Use a long handle screwdriver to aid in filter placement if necessary. 7. Fill tank with fresh fuel / oil mixture. See Section 4, Fuel and Lubrication. Install fuel cap. A 7-3A 7-4. SPARK ARRESTER SCREEN (Figure 74A) NOTE: A clogged spark arrester screen will dramatically reduce engine performance. 1. Remove the 2 nuts (A) and pull muffler out. (Figure74A). 2. Remove the 1 screw (B) that holds the spark arrester cover (C) . (Figure 7-4B) 3. Discard the used spark arrester screen (D) and replace it with a new one. 4. Reasemble the muffler components and install the muffler to the cylinder. Tighten securely. 7-4B A B C D A B 15 7 - MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 7 - MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 7-5.SPARK PLUG NOTE: For efficient operation of saw engine, spark plug must be kept clean and properly gapped. 1. Push STOP switch down. 2. Remove air cleaner cover. 3. Disconnect the wire connector (G) from the spark plug (H) by pulling and twisting at the same time (Figure 75A). 4. Remove spark plug with spark plug socket wrench. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TOOL. 5. Check electrode gaps with wire feeler gauge and set gaps to .025” (.635mm) if necessary. 6. Reinstall a new spark plug. NOTE: A resistor spark plug must be used for replacement (MTD part no. 9295-310502, Champion RZ7C). NOTE: This spark ignition system meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations. H G 7-5A 7-6.CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT The carburetor was pre-set at the factory for optimum performance. If further adjustments are necessary, please take your unit to the nearest Authorized Service Center listed in the Yellow Pages. 7-7.STORING A CHAIN SAW CAUTION Never store a chain saw for longer than 30 days without performing the following procedures. Storing a chain saw for longer than 30 days requires storage maintenance. Unless the storage instructions are followed, fuel remaining in the carburetor will evaporate, leaving gum-like deposits. This could lead to difficult starting and result in costly repairs. 1. Remove the fuel tank cap slowly to release any pressure in tank. Carefully drain the fuel tank. 2. Start the engine and let it run until the unit stops to remove fuel from carburetor. 3. Allow the engine to cool (approx. 5 minutes). 4. Using a spark plug wrench, remove the spark plug. 5...

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