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Anleitung Interact-TV, modell BLADERUNNER INTERCEPTOR INS-50400-100409-US

Hersteller: Interact-TV
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Dateiname: Interceptor_RC_Manual_ENG.pdf
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

The BladeRunner Interceptor brings advanced, hobby-level flying technology to beginner, medium level or advanced flyers who are looking for great performance from a relatively smaller helicopter. The BladeRunner Interceptor has built-in advanced gyroscope technology for providing an ultra-smooth flight and balance control assistance. The BladeRunner Interceptor is available in 2 radio-control frequencies: 27 MHz and 49 MHz. Do not throw away this instruction manual as it contains valuable information for the operation of your helicopter as well as warranty information. The helpful tips in this pilot’s manual will improve your skill and enhance your experience. Look for these TIP! symbols for extra help. UNPACKING YOUR BLADERUNNER INTERCEPTOR HELICOPTER: To prevent damage during shipping, the BladeRunner Interceptor is securely fastened in the package. Please ensure that all of the tie-down and fastening locations are unfastened before attempting to remove the BladeRunner Interceptor from the package. Be very careful when removing the BladeRunner Interceptor to prevent damaging the helicopter. ANTENNA USB CHARGING CABLE BALANCE BAR TAIL ROTOR REPLACEMENT TAIL ROTOR REPLACEMENT CONNECTOR CONNECTOR TAIL MOTOR TAIL BOOM LANDING GEAR RED LED LIGHT PRO/NORMAL SWITCH LEFT STICK UP / DOWN THROTTLE RIGHT STICK Left/Right Forward/Reverse 2 USB connectors 1 circular charging plug TRIM KNOB ON / OFF SWITCH POWER ON LED Helicopter will not start, LED on helicopter is off. 1. Helicopter not turned on. 2. Battery is not charged. 3. Helicopter was not set to off during charging. 4. Rotors locked for overload protection. 1. Turn helicopter on. 2. Charge internal helicopter battery. 3. Ensure helicopter is off and charge internal helicopter battery. 4. Slide helicopter's on / off switch to off, then switch on again. Helicopter will not start, LED on helicopter is ON. 1. Transmitter is not turned ON. 2. Radio link between the transmitter and the helicopter is not initialized. 3. Helicopter’s battery is low. 1. Turn transmitter on. 2. Push left stick (UP/DOWN – throttle) completely to UP, then back to DOWN to initialize radio link. 3. Ensure helicopter is off and charge internal helicopter battery. Helicopter is flying too high. 1. You need to reduce the throttle. 1. Move the left stick (UP/DOWN – throttle) gradually down. Helicopter is flying too low. 1. Needs more power/throttle. 2. The battery in the helicopter is low. 1. Move the left stick (UP/DOWN – throttle) up. 2. Ensure the helicopter is off and charge the internal helicopter battery. Helicopter doesn’t hover. 1. The helicopter drifts forwards/backwards. 1. Push the right stick (FORWARD/BACKWARD) back/forward to compensate and hold the helicopter in position. Helicopter doesn’t fly backwards 1. The helicopter only flies backwards briefly then spins to fly forward. 1. Aerodynamics make flying backwards more difficult than flying forwards and this flight pattern is normal. Practice flying backward and control the left/right turning motion of the helicopter to keep the tail pointed in the direction you desire. Helicopter doesn't move forward fast enough. 1. The battery charge is getting low. 2. The tail rotor is damaged. 3. The helicopter center of gravity is no longer correct. 1. Turn the helicopter off and charge the internal helicopter battery. 2. Replace the tail rotor with new unit from the replacement rotor kit (not included) 3. Use light adhesive tape to mount a clip on the front bottom of the helicopter to add weight and adjust the center of gravity. See also “Helicopter doesn’t hover” issue. Helicopter always turns. 1. Trim control is not set correctly. 2. The rotor blades have sustained damage/or wear from use. 1. Adjust the trim control knob. See “FIRST-FLIGHT -TRIMMING YOUR HELICOPTER” section. 2. Replace the blades! It is hazardous to fly with damaged blades! The main rotors spin erratically causing unpredictable flight characteristics. 1. The balance bar to upper rotor connector is either broken or missing. 1. Install a new connector using the instructions in the “REPLACING THE BALANCE BAR TO UPPER ROTOR CONNECTOR” section. CAUSE: CORRECTIVE ACTION: TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUE: There is a small connector which connects the upper rotor to the balance bar. If this connector becomes lost, broken, or disconnected, a replacement is included with your Interceptor. Follow the replacement steps listed. 1. The connector is attached by 2 simple ball joints. Remove the broken connector by pulling it away from the axle of the main rotors. Once removed, the 2 ball joints will be exposed. 2. Install the new connector following the reverse of step 1. Gently but firmly press the connector into position, connecting the upper rotor and the balance bar. The connector will just snap into the 2 ball joints as shown. Use only batteries recommended in this instruction manual. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard, lithium, rechargeable, or different types of b...


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