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Anleitung Magic Chef, modell MCWC50DBT

Hersteller: Magic Chef
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will go back to the previous setting. (3) Press the [SET] pad to confirm your choice - if NOTE: confirmation is not made within ten seconds the unit . The 'MANUAL' indicator lights when the appliance will go back to the previous setting. runs on 'MANUAL' setting. NOTE: . The temperature display can be changed between The temperature display can be changed between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing and holding Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing and holding the ^ pad for approximately 10 seconds. the ^ pad for approximately 10 seconds. The following is applicable to both MCWC50DBT and MCBC580DBT: To return the controller back to the Factory Setting, press and hold the Ў pad, within one second press ^ pad and continue holding both for approximately 10 seconds, until you hear a "beep" sound signaling that the controller is back to the original Factory Setting. The indicator indicates status of the refrigeration cycle as follows: (1) It flashes before the compressor starts; (2) It remains ON during the refrigeration cycle; (3) It remains OFF during the idle cycle. To switch the interior light on/off, simply press the pad. 5 Maintenance and Cleaning Automatic Defrosting of the Appliance There is no need to defrost the appliance, because ice depositing on the inner back wall is defrosted automatically. Ice build-up on the inner back wall during the compressor operation will defrost automatically (when the compressor has cycled off) . Defrost water will drain out passing through the drain outlet in the inner back wall into a drain pan situated above the compressor, from where it evaporates. Cleaning the Appliance Disconnect the power supply before cleaning the appliance. Do not use coarse or aggressive cleaning agents as you may damage the surface. Clean the exterior with water and detergent. Remove the detachable accessories in the interior of the appliance and clean with water and liquid detergent. Plastic parts cannot be washed in dishwashers. Wash the interior of the appliance with lukewarm water , adding one or two spoonfuls of vinegar. After cleaning, connect the appliance to power supply and reload it. Correct Steps to Change Bulb 1. Pull out the power plug from wall socked. Use a screw driver to loose the screw that holds the bulb protective cover and then remove the cover. 2. Screw out the old bulb counter-clockwise. 3. Screw on a new bulb (E14, max. 15W) clockwise. 4. Replace the bulb protective cover. Very important: Be sure to disconnect power supply before you change bulb. Switch Off the Appliance When Not In Use If you do not intend to use the appliance for long periods of time, disconnect the power supply, take out the contents and defrost and clean the appliance. Leave the door slightly open. This unit is not designed for outside installations such as garage or porch. 6 Trouble-Shooting Guide . Sometimes you may come across minor problems Ice Formation on the Inner Rear that in most cases do not require a service call Wall and can be easily eliminated. The problem may have resulted from improper handling and / or As long as the defrost water runs to the installation of the appliance. Please refer to the channel and through the outlet to the drain below trouble-shooting guide to assist you in pan on the compressor, automatic defrosting identifying the possible cause and solution to your of the appliance is assured. problem. Should the problem still persist after In case the ice formation on the inner back completing these checkpoints, please contact our wall is increased (1/8-1/5in.), ice should be Customer Support Dept. by visiting our website at manually defrosted. or at (888)-775-0202. Disconnect the power supply, leave the door open and defrost the ice. Never The Appliance Fails to use electric devices for defrosting and do Operate After Connecting to not scrape the ice or frost layer with sharp Electrical Power Supply objects. After defrosting is complete, close the door, . Check the power cord is properly connected. connect the power supply and set the . Check the power supply in the electrical outlet. temperature as desired. The cause of increased (blown fuse / circuit breaker) . ice formation may be one of the following: _ the door does not seal well (clean the gasket if it is contaminated, or replace it if it is damaged); _ the door is frequently opened or left too Continuous Operation of the long; Cooling System _ the content stored in the appliance was warm; . The door is frequently opened or left open for the contents are touching the inner back _ too long. wall. . The door is not properly closed (the door may sag, the gasket may be contaminated or damaged). . Perhaps you may have overloaded the appliance. . The reason may be inadequate ventilation of the compressor (assure adequate air circulation). 7 Water is Leaking From the Appliance If the discharge water outlet is clogged, or the defrost water drips over the channel, water will leak from the appliance. . Clea...

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