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• If the dryer drum becomes stained from noncolorfast fabrics, clean the drum with a damp cloth and a mild liquid household cleanser. Remove cleanser residue before drying the next load. • Every 18 months an authorized servicer should clean the dryer cabinet interior and exhaust duct. These areas can collect lint and dust over time. An excessive amount of lint build-up could result in inefficient drying and possible fire hazard. 5 Care and Cleaning (continued) Do not store or place laundry produ

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• For delicate or very small loads, add 2 lint-free towels for better drying, less wrinkling, and to prevent grease stains caused by fabric softener sheets. Place small items in a mesh bag. • Do not overdry items. Overdrying can cause wrinkling, shrinkage, harshness, and a build-up of static electricity, which can produce more lint. If desired, add a dryer fabric softener sheet. Close the dryer door and set dryer controls (some models). Operating Instructions card for your specific model control