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(44) 01308 423441 Congratulations on your choice of an Aarrow Stove. More than 20 years experience has been put into the development of our Acorn Multifuel to ensure ultimate performance and years of trouble free enjoyment. Every detail on the fire has been carefully engineered and designed which is why we are so confident in the reliability of our product that we offer a 3 year guarantee. Should you have any questions about our Acorn Stoves that are not covered in this manual, please contact th

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Fig. 1 Fully Closed Fig. 2 Fully Open Note: Opening or part opening of the ash door is controlled by the "interlock" device located in the front of the unit (refer to INTERLOCK section on page 9). Even when all the slots are completely shut a "bleed" of secondary air will be maintained ensuring that inflammable gases are burnt off. DISASSEMBLE AIR WASH The Stratford air wash may be disassembled for cleaning or adjustment. To achieve this, the following procedure should be followed: This should o

Aarrow Fires Stratford Tf

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The fitting of an extractor fan to either of these rooms is not recommended. ACCESS TO THERMOSTAT A gap of 125mm around the body, and 100mm to the rear of the stove is necessary to enable access to service & repair the thermostatic control system. Stratford Tf & Ti Multifuel Boiler Stoves INSTALLATION MULTIFUEL GRATE All bars in the grate are identical, but every other bar is turned through 180 degrees, with the ends of the bars marked "H" sitting on the high sections of the comb, and the ends m

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Any Manufacturer's Instructions must not be taken as overriding statutory requirements. During installation ensure that adequate precautions are taken to avoid unnecessary risk to yourself or any householder. In particular the danger from the caustic nature of the fire cement should be avoided by using these accepted methods: • Wear gloves when handling fire cement. • Wear goggles when chiselling or looking up chimneys. Make sure that Building Regulations are adhered to during installation along

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All of the smoke should be drawn into the fire. If this does not occur the appliance must be disconnected and the flue checked. Step 5. If there is an extractor fan in any room, this must be turned on and any doors between it and the fire left open, repeat the spillage test. Repeated operation of the spillage monitoring system whereby the OSD (oxygen sensing device/spillage monitoring system). If their is a problem with the ODS pilot going out after the stove has operated satisfactory, this indi

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Smear a very thin layer of fire cement on the faces of the flue outlet and the blanking plate. Fit the outlet to the appliance in the desired position . Lock into place by rotating anti-clockwise and tighten by tapping with a block of wood and mallet from the inside of the appliance. Similarly, fit the blanking plate to the unused opening. Clean off any surplus fire cement. Place appliance on the hearth and make sure that it is level and does not rock. The Solution range of stoves are fitted wit

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(See Fig. 4.). •Re-tighten the pozi screw. Check the stove is level with a sprit level. •Repeat for the other rear leg. Fig. 4. Adjusting the rear feet WOOD STOVE VERSION - WOOD TRAY The wood burning tray should come fitted in your stove, if not please follow these instructions •Fully open the fire door, and remove the two round fuel retaining bars, •Locate the front of the wood tray, this is the end with no tabs protruding from each side,opposite to the rear end with the tabs protruding either

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Outlet Details: Complies with: f) Number and angle of bends. g) Provision for cleaning and recommended frequency. 7. Hearth. Form of construction. New or existing? 8. Inspection and testing after completion Tests carried out by: Tests and results Flue visual inspection sweeping coring ball smoke Appliance (where included) spillage I/we the undersigned confirm that the above details are correct. In my opinion, these works comply with the relevant requirements in Part J of Schedule 1 to the Buildi

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This will minimise the cantilever action. • Use gloves to provide additional grip. Becton Bunny & Becton 7 mk3 Gas stoves INTRODUCTION IMPORTANT NOTICES A qualified gas engineer must carry out the installation and servicing of this appliance in accordance with these instructions and in compliance with current Building Regulations. Such person must be a registered CORGI engineer. This appliance is designed to run on natural gas only. Warning - Only use the appliance with the specified gas. The fi

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If the flue size is more than 225mm (9 inches) diameter or 200 x 200mm square, a suitable lining of 150mm (6 inches) diameter should be fitted, or if the flue length is over 5.5 metres one size larger than the appliance outlet should be fitted. This should be a double skin stainless steel flexible flue liner that is independently certified for use with solid fuel. Details of suitable linings for use with solid fuel are given in the Official HETAS guide that can be viewed on their website at It i