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(See fig.1) Press the switch to turn on and release to turn off. (See fig.2) Duration The Faraday Star provides up to 2 minutes of continuous use when charged for 30 seconds. If it is completely drained of energy or used for the first time the Faraday Star should be turned off and shaken vigorously to fully charge the capacitor. Cautions 1. There is a strong magnetic field surrounding the Faraday Star. DO NOT place the Faraday Star within 30cm of cassette tapes, computer floppy disc, video


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The manufacturer of this product agrees to repair or replace designated parts that prove defective within the warranty period of one (1) year listed in the chart. Specific limitations/extensions and exclusions apply, and are listed in the chart on page 3. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and not parts failure due to normal wear; abuse; accidental damage; negligence; improper use, maintenance, and storage. To make a claim under the terms of the warranty, all parts said to

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Failure to correctly perform these steps can damage this generator and/or shorten its life. If still unsure about how to perform any of these steps after reading this section, call 1- 866-460-9437 Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM Central Time for customer service. If this generator is being used for the first time, the following few steps are required to prepare it for operation: Step 1 - Add Oil This generator requires engine oil to function. Engine oil is a major factor affecting engine performanc

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NOTE: After repeated attempts to start the engine, consult the troubleshooting guide before attempting again. If problems persist, call 1-866-460-9437, Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM Central Time. 8. Once the engine has started and runs for about a minute, move the choke lever approximately half way towards the “open” position. Wait an additional 30 seconds and then move the choke lever completely over to the “open” position. 9. Allow this generator to run for several minutes before connecting any

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12 mm 5 GB6177.1 4 Nut 10 mm 54 42000 1 Wheel kit Assembly 6 GB802-88 4 Nut 6 mm 55 42150 2 Wheel kit 7 41350/2GF-3 4 Cushion, frame 56 GB5787-86 2 Bolt 8 mm . 16 mm 8 GB5787-86 4 Bolt 6 mm . 12 mm 57 42130 1 Wheel axel 9 41116/2GF-3 2 Rubber pad 58 GB6177.1 2 Bolt 8 mm 10 GB6187-86 4 Nut 8 mm 59 47160 2 Handle unit 11 31415/2.8GF-3 1 Connecting plate 60 GB5787-86 2 Screw 8 mm . 40 mm 12 31200 1 Stator assembly 61 41136 2 Feet 13 31936 1 Stator cover 62 30937 1 Flat washer 6 mm 14 31100 1 Rotor

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this manual. We reserve the right to change this product at any time without prior notice. This manual contains important information regarding safety, operation, maintenance and storage of this product. Before use, read carefully and understand all warnings, cautions, instructions and labels. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury, property damage or even death. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. STOP! DO NOT RETU