Adams Sun Heat Low Intensity Infra-Red Heater

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Warm Air Radiant Heat The balance of the radiant heat is reflected from the heating surface to be absorbed by surrounding cool surfaces. A part of the secondary ray energy, now of longer wave length, is absorbed by moisture and particles in the air, which helps to raise the temperature. As a secondary effect, the room temperature is raised by convective transfer from the heated surface. Infra-red rays travel in divergent straight lines from heat source to all surfaces and objects without heating

Adams Speedflame Power Gas Burner

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for Natural and L.P. gases EXTERNAL ORIFICE CHANGE Adams special orifice in the manifold union permits orifice change without disassembling the burner. REDUNDANT GAS VALVE Provides back-up valve for added safety ELECTRONIC PRIMARY CONTROL Meeis the most stnngent flame supervision specifications. Flame proving within four (4) seconds; supervises all Ignition functions including 8 of a second relight capability; senses flame by rectification, providing positive flame monitoring PRESSURE SWITC

Adams Mark 10

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Dramatically lower noise level than other oil burners. ■ Adjustable drawer assembly to simplify inventory. One cone and head assembly from .4 GPH through 2.5 GPH. |p—w ■ Removable chassis for | easy servicing. Leaves ym “ burner air tube in place. ■ One-piece electrode assembly for easy adjustment. ■ Eliminates pulsation. ■ Minimizes stand-by losses without special mechanical parts. ■ Mounts with blower up, down or at an angle with equal : 22 MS performance. ■ Cool head ceramic I) protec

Adams Condensing Oil-Fired Furnace

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Each opening must have a minimum free area of at least 1 square inch per 1000 BTU per hour of total input rating of all appliances within the space but not less than 100 square inches. If the furnace is installed in a space within a building of tight construction and air must be supplied from outdoors. In this case, one opening shall be within 12" of the ceiling and the other within 12" of the floor. If vertical combustion ducts are run, each opening must have a free area of at least 1 square in

Adams Cleanaire

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Cheaper, faster and easier to install. CA-1000 • Eliminates the need for a sail switch or pressure switch with a built-in solid state airflow sensing device. • Uses 40VA transformer already on the furnace and/or air conditioner. Power supply boosts the 24-volt input to proper high voltage to the collector cells. Cleans Air Better • Maintains constant output voltage to the cells for maximum efficiency. No other air cleaner does this. With other cleaners the voltage to the cells drops as they coll

Adams 22

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Make sure the engine stop cable is assembled correctly. Before you operate the unit, replace a bent or damaged engine stop cable. HOW TO START ENGINE WARNING: The blade will rotate when the engine runs. IMPORTANT: Before you start the engine, operate the engine stop lever several times. Make sure the engine stop cable moves freely. NOTE: The engine design does not include a throttle control or an engine speed adjustment. The engine is set at the best speed for cutting grass, bagging grass, and f