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Keep it away from walls, doors or windows. The unit should not be placed too close to plants or other objects. Keep a distance of at least 20 inches (50cm). Place the Ionic Silver Stick in the water base of the unit. Fill the unit with a clean container. Pour fresh, cold tap water into the filling opening of the upper part. When the unit is filled, do not push down the float tip since this causes the unit to overflow. Stop filling the unit as soon as the water level indicator ring of the float a

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The unit should be placed in an elevated position, e.g. on a table, chest, etc. at least 3 ft off the floor. Keep it away from doors or windows. The mist outlet must not be pointed directly at plants or other objects. Keep a distance of at least 20 inches (50cm). WARNING! Do not touch the water in the base during operation! Switch off the unit first. Place the Ionic Silver Stick in the base of the unit. Soak the demineralization cartridge in a water bath for 24 hours before the first use; t he g

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Why isn’t there enough moisture in my room? A. How often do you run the unit? If the unit is only run at night, then during the day the moisture level will drop if moisture is not constantly added to the air. Q. Do you leave your door open or closed when the unit is running? A. a) By leaving the door open, this allows moisture to leave the room and go into other areas of the house. If you would like the moisture to stay within one specific room you should consider closing the door while the unit

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The individual dust particles are ionized (charged) and stick to the humidifier discs. Special humidifying discs rotate in a water bath inside the unit; this cleanses the air passing over them of impurities in a natural way – in the same way that air is washed by the rain in nature. The air humidification takes place according to the selfregulating principle of cold evaporation. The appliance therefore generates ideal air humidity, without the need for additional control units. A specially tuned

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The operating instructions apply exclusively to the product described within. • Read through the instructions thoroughly prior to putting the unit into operation. • Save the instructions for use throughout the lifespan of the product. • Pass the instructions for use onto each successive owner or operator of the product and include any supplements received from the manufacturer. Intended use The unit is only intended to humidify the air in living areas up to 430 sq ft / 120 m.. In areas larger th

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The current humidity level is displayed in large numbers, the smaller number indicate the desired level. If the current humidity falls below 20%, the display indicates «LO». Should the humidity exceed 90% the symbol «HI» appears. en 20 21 19 Changing the evaporator mat – every 2 – 3 months • Residues in air and water soil and encrust the evaporator mat during operation. • The recommended replacement interval is a nominal figure. • Replace the evaporator mat earlier if one of the following sympto

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• Should provide a recommended relative humidity of 40 – 60 % Safety instructions • Read the operating instructions carefully before using the humidifier and keep them for later reference. • Connect the unit only to alternating current with voltage according to the rating label. • Only use the humidifier indoors and within the specified technical data. If used for a purpose for which it is not intended it could cause serious danger to health and life. • Children cannot recognise the hazards asso

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Use distilled water instead and remove the demineralization cartridge. • For very hard water areas use only distilled water and remove the demineralization cartridge. • Use reverse-osmosis water (R-O water) instead of distilled water and remove the demineralization cartridge. Cleaning light is on • Switch off the unit and unplug it. Empty the water in the base. Rinse the base with hot/clean water. Do not submerge the base! Visually inspect the base for dirt or mineral build up. If soft water is

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Your humidifier controls automatically the humidity level according to desired setting. If the air is too dry, the humidifier will automatically switch on. As soon as the desired humidity level is reached, it will switch off. Unpacking • Carefully remove the humidifier from the box. • Remove the plastic bag from the humidifier. • Observe the information given on the rating plate about the voltage. • Use the original packaging for storing the appliance if you do not use the humidifier all year ro

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Water quality maintenance An Ionic Silver Stick© (26) keeps the water free of harmful bacteria. The anti-microbial action of silver is used. The Ionic Silver Stick releases silver ions in the water over a long period (approx. one year). It‘s self-regulating and maintenance-free. Look at picture 26 for the position of the ISS in the base part of the unit. Switch off the unit first. Contact your local retailer or check our website for re-order information. Lifecycle indicator Your appliance comes