Andersen Windows & Doors AN74IX

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Health Science Park Haw River, NC 27258-8710 P/N7400 041105 OWNER’S MANUAL OWNER’S MANUAL OWNER’S MANUAL Owner’s Manual Congratulations on your purchase of an AN74i / AN74ix Anprolene ® Sterilizer. For over 30 years, Andersen Products has been a leader in tabletop Ethylene Oxide sterilization. With the installation of your sterilizer, you join thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide using an Andersen Products’ sterilization system. Please read the entire Owner’s Manual prior to installing a

Andersen Windows & Doors AN74I

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The door is assembled from a molded polystyrene outer door and inner stainless steel liner. The door is provided with an exterior grain finish stainless steel cover panel, door support arm and latching lock with removable key. Protective rubber feet are attached to the lower cabinet panel. A.2. Pumps: The lower cabinet is ventilated by means of two linear oscillating pumps located in the enclosed top cabinet. The pumps remove the air from inside of the lower cabinet and sterilization liner bag a