Arcam Zone Page Powered Relay-Pack PSR-212

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These relays are commonly used in communication applications where selective activation of speakers is needed. Models are designed to be used in conjunction with Atlas Sound's MPC Series (Modular Paging Communications Center) for zone paging in restaurants, reception areas, professional offices, health clubs, production, and customer service departments. Refer to SL5-1419. Relay-pak can be easily converted to accommodate "all page" applications, and have the capacity of adding external relays o

Arcam Zone Page Powered Relay-Pack PSR-206

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The unit is completely wired and ready for mounting. The power supply is capable of delivering 500mA at 24VDC. A fuse is used for extra protection. The output of the power supply is terminated at the terminal strip as well as internally to the relay coils. This allows the use of excess power supply capacity for external relays. Six 24VDC, DPDT relays are pre-mounted and wired to the power supply. The contacts are of silver, gold plated and the contact rating is 3 amps. The coil current is a nom

Arcam T61

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The tacks should not come into contact with the internal wire of the aerial. Whether you decide to get an aerial professionally installed or opt to use the supplied aerial it should be connected to the FM Antenna input 7 on the rear of the unit. For use in North America, use an F-type antenna connector; for Europe and other areas, use a female Belling Lee-type coaxial connector. T61 4 Connecting to other equipment Interconnect cables Interconnecting cables are not supplied with this tuner. We re

Arcam T31

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ANSCHLIE.EN DES TUNERS AN DEN VERSTARKER AUDIO OUTPUTS 6 (AUDIO-AUSGANGE) Es sind zwei identische Ausgangsbuchsenpaare vorhanden. Verbinden Sie ein Ausgangspaar mit dem Tuner-Eingang (oder einem anderen Hochpegel-Eingang) des Verstarkers. Verwenden Sie dafur hochwertige Verbindungskabel. Achten Sie darauf, dass die Audio- Ausgange des Tuners fur den rechten bzw. linken Kanal (R bzw. L) mit den entsprechenden Eingangen des Verstarkers verbunden werden. Das zweite Audio-Ausgangspaar kann fur die V

Arcam Sound Masking Module AA-SMG

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3. Turn the module gain pot down counter clockwise (Left direction). 4. Turn EQ pot clockwise (Right direction). 5. Turn the AA120M power switch off. 6. Carefully inset the AA-SMG module into the card guider rails. Push until card is seated and the panels are flush. Secure with screws. 7. Select the AA120M input module mode, switch #5 located on the rear panel of the amp. 8. Turn all levels down on amplifier. Note if the module is in Amp Direct mode, the only level control you have for masking i

Arcam Solo

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Внутри нет деталей и узлов, обслуживание которых должно выполняться пользователем. Ремонт аппарата должен производиться только квалифицированными специалистами сервисного центра. А Символ молнии со стрелкой внутри равностороннего треугольника предназначен для предупреждения пользователя о наличии внутри корпуса аппарата неизолированного напряжения, величина которого может быть достаточной, чтобы представлять опасность поражения человека электрическим током. А Восклицательный знак внутри равнос

Arcam PreAmplifier Alpha 9C

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Switching the LISTEN switch between the original source and TAPE 1 during recording will then enable you to make a true ‘before’ and ‘after’ (A-B) comparison. You may listen to another input whilst recording on TAPE 1 by use of the LISTEN selector. RECORDING (TAPE 2) Use the LISTEN selector © to route the required signal to a cassette deck connected to the TAPE 2 RECORD OUT sockets © Set your tape recorder into its recording mode and the selected input will be recorded. To monitor the recor

Arcam Power Amplifier SA200

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These must be removed and the appropriate wood side cheeks fitted before the amplifier is first used. See page 5 for full details. 2. Please retain the carton and all packing materials provided with this equipment so that it may be repacked correctly if it ever becomes necessary to transport the unit or to return it for service. , 3. If servicing is required then the equipment should be properly packed and returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased. It is essential to include a covering

Arcam Power Amplifier SA150

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Either lead may also be used to connect the SA150 and SA200 to most other manufacturers’ pre-amplifiers which use a 5 pin 180° DIN socket with the output signals on pins 1 & 4. The phono sockets may also be used to connect the SA150 or SA200 to a suitable pre-amplifier. For best results only interconnecting leads of the highest quality should be used. The input impedance of both the SA150 and SA200 is 20 kii and the voltage gain of each channel of both models is 29dB (28.3 times). This is equ

Arcam PA1001G

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It is recommended to have the amplifier looked at by certified technician. 6. Balanced Input Connections Left and Right balanced input signals can be accomplished by wiring the removable Phoenix type connector per the labeling on the rear of the amp. Note: The middle pin is the common ground connection for both Left and Right input ground. For unbalanced signals connect the (–) and (GND) pins together. 7. Speaker Connections A removable Phoenix type connector is supplied to connect your speakers