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This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. This warranty applies to products sold and used in the United States of America. In all other countries please contact your distributor For warranty and non-warranty repairs, send to: ARC Audio 4719 Green Leaf Cr. #4 Modesto CA, 95356 _ 209-543-8706 CARC AUDIO Thankyou for purchasing an ARC Audio Hi-Performance Amplifier. This ARC Audio amplifier uses a Full Range Class D architec


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. DIN Mounting Option 3. Fully Variable Band Pass Crossover 4. Sub Sonic Filter 5. Variable Sub Phase Shift. 6. Independent Front and Rear Inputs 7. 8 Volt RMS Output 8. Output Clip Indicator for Easy Gain Setting 9. 4-Layer PC Board with SMT Technology 10. Quiet Mute for Noise Free Turn-on's Advanced Design Features The IDX is designed to take full advantage the front listening positions by making it easier to make adjustment without constantly jumping in out of the car. Clearly this method doe

ARC Audio XDI 6.2

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As a customer you do have the option to send your product directly back to the factory in the USA but you will be responsible for "ALL" shipping costs, taxes, and duties to and from the USA. Return shipping charges and fee's must be paid by Credit Card with a signed credit card authorization form prior to the return shipment. This includes shipping cost, customs fee's, duties, local and government import/export tax's, broker's fee's and any other misc. fee's that could beadded by your local gove

ARC Audio XDI 5.2

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We hope you enjoy your experience with all our products and we welcome any questions or comments you may have. SPECIFICATIONS XDi 5.2 XDi 6.2 Diameter 5 .” Diameter 6 .” Musical Power 160 watts Musical Power240 watts Nor. Power 80 watts Nor. Power 120 watts Sensitivity 86dB Sensitivity 98dB Frequency response 65hzFrequency response 55hz20Khz 20Khz IMP. 4 Ohm IMP. 4 Ohm Cut Out Diameter 4 5/8” Cut Out Diameter 5 5/8” Mounting Depth 2” Mounting Depth 2 .” A WORD ON DISTORTION Most speaker damage o


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0MIN MAX 55 250 GAIN LOW 10 50 SUB SONIC R L BOOST 15 BASS Speaker outputs This amplifier is a multi channel amplifier design. Meaning it has more than one channel of speaker outputs. It is equipped with a large block style terminal for speaker connection. Make this connection carefully and neatly. Strip your wire back and twist the exposed leads and insert them into the block terminal while being careful that there is no loose or frayed strands of wire and tighten the Allen head screw down on t

ARC Audio MX1

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Each output has its own crossover frequency adjustment. The configurations are Low pass and high pass filter with high quality gold plated RCA sockets for input and output. Key Features • 2 Way Active Crossover. • Independently Adjustable Crossover Points ( Fine tuning). • Phase 0° or 180° Selectable for Low Pass Filter. • Selectable 12dB (Stereo) or 24dB Slope(Mono) for Low Pass Filter. • Dual Frequency Range 55Hz~600Hz or 550Hz~ 6KHz for Low Pass and High Pass. 1 Functional Diagram IN

ARC Audio KAR6932

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All returns must be sent freight prepaid, along with $10.00 to cover return shipping and handling. Out of warranty service is available after the warranty expires. Cost of repair is based on current repair labor rates, plus the cost of shipping and handling. When returning for repair, pack the unit securely and send prepaid and insured to the address below. ARC Audio is not responsible for damage incurred during shipping. For warranty and non-warranty repairs, send to: ARC Audio 4719 Green Leaf

ARC Audio KAR6022

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DIRECT REPLACEMENT ARC Audio speakers are designed to fit most applications in the original stock location without modification. Some vehicles may require minor removal of material and relocation of mounting holes to achieve a proper fit. A WORD ON DISTORTION Most speaker damage occurs as a result of amplifier distortion also known as “Clipping”. Clipping occurs when an amp is driven beyond its maximum rated output. This kind of distortion can be hard to hear unless you know what to listen for.

ARC Audio KAR5722

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This number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box. Terms & Conditions: ARC Audio warranties the unit to be free of any material defects or defects in workmanship for a period of one year and will repair this unit or any part thereof only if it proves to be defective as a result of normal use. In order to receive warranty service on this product, the owner must promptly register by filling in and mailing the Warranty Registration Card. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to r

ARC Audio KAR5022

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Make sure that all the door and window hardware will clear the larger magnet. 3 4. You may have to trim some material from around or behind to speaker. 5. Connect the stock speaker wires to the new speaker. Tip: Use a 9V battery and quickly touch it to the terminals of the stock speaker. If the cone moves out the + of the battery is on the + of the speaker. If you noted the color of wire connected to this terminal then you now the + speaker wire. 6. Install the speaker in the location. You may h