Atlantis WEBRUNNER V.90

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The comfortable USB connection, for plugging and unplugging the modem without switching your PC off, use the PC power supply. V.92 standard allows a fast connection by ignoring some steps of the training sequence and quickly establishing the connection. It also allows an upstream communication up to 48Kbps. V.44 protocol improves the data compression up to 30%, by reducing waiting times. ISO 9001:2000 Company Certified А TLANTIS AND WebRunner USB V.90/V.92 56K Modem TEcHNicAL FEATuRES MOD

Atlantis NETFLY AP2-54M

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Furthermore, its Packet-Overdrive™ technology allows for High Definition (HD) Video Streaming thanks to its high data throughput. A pair of Wireless Multi-Function APs operating under Bridge mode to act as the bridge that connect two Ethernet networks or Ethernet enabled clients together. Repeat Mode is able to extend the effective range and coverage of the wireless network Its hardware based features - which allow it to operate without any degradation in performance - support the latest secur

Atlantis EASY BLACK MOUSE A04-MB2101

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600dpi ball mechanism and scrolling function for the daily use.Absolute compatibility with all the operational systems, without installation. hAf »yiA» сИ ' Щ : WARn&ITY SrrE k TLANTIS /1 : i *j where solutions begin TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Optical system: -600dpi ball mechanism Phisical characteristics: -Scroller -3 button (2+1 by scroller press) -Interface PS2 -Dimensions (mm): 125x60x36 Scroller function Ps2 connector Functionalities: -Plug and Play -Compatible with Micro

Atlantis A03-P625

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A AAC CCH HHT TTU UUN NNG GG ! !! Im UPS ist eine Speichernbatterie installiert,die eine Energiequelle ist,daher gibt es im Gruppe gefahrliche Spannungen,die auch wenn die Gruppe ausgeschaltet ist,sind da. Offnen Sie nie die Gruppe, um sie zu reparieren,weil Sie Gefahr laufen,elektrischer Schlag zu nehmen,und Sie machen das Recht der Garantie verfallen. Der UPS kann nur von Fachkrafte repariert werden.Die Hauptsorge,die Sie beobachten mussen,ist die Gruppe auszuschalten,wenn Sie den Alimentation

Atlantis A02-RA240-W54

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Advanced Characteristics UPnP, Virtual Server (port and protocol translation) and DMZ Dynamic DNS (Dyndns, Zoneedit, Orgdns,Dhs, Dyns, Minidns, No-ip) DNS and DNS relay DHCP server , DHCP client, DHCP relay Physical and EnvironmentalPower Consumation: (12V ± 5%, 1A) Dimensions/ Weight: 178mm*120mm*32mm / 350g Temperature Operating:[0°C to 40°C], Storage:[-20°C to 65°C], Humidity: 5-95% (without condensing) Package contents: Wireless Router ADSL CD-ROM with online manual (English, French and Ital

Atlantis A02-RA210-W54

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Wireless With integrated IEEE802.11g Wireless Access Point (up to 54Mbps), the device offers quick and easy access among wired network and wireless network. The Wireless Router also supports WPA security, it increases the level of data protection and access control for Wireless LAN. SOHO Firewall and VPN IPSec The Wireless Router ADSL offers not only NAT but also provides powerful firewall, which are able to filter the advanced hacker pattern. It can automatically detect and block Denial of Serv