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Fits both –A (230) and –C (460) models. • Integral safety switch-shuts light off when upper access door is opened • Bulb Life – 9000 Hours -Recommended continuous operation for maximum bulb and ballast life -Recommended annual bulb replacement for maximum UV effectiveness Page 4 II. INSTALLATION BASIC INSTALLATION 1. Before doing any service work, the unit disconnect must be turned off and locked to prevent injury or death due to electrical shock or contact with moving parts. The thermostat must


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SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS WARNING: Never expose eyes or skin to UVC light from any source. • Looking directly at the UVC light may cause permanent eye damage or blindness. • Never operate the UV Air Purifying System out of the plenum. WARNING: UV light will break down plastic materials not rated for UV exposure: (Examples: wire insulation, flex duct, drain pans and humidifiers) • The unit must be mounted at least 30” from the above stated type of materials. • If it is necessary to mount the unit in

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1791 Tullie Circle, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30329-2305 Telephone: (404) 636-8400 Fax: (404) 321-5478 NFPA National Fire Protection Association Batterymarch Park P.O. Box 9101 Quincy, MA 02269-9901 Telephone: (800) 344-3555 Fax: (617) 984-7057 Manufactured under the following U.S. patent numbers: 5,485,878; 5,301,744; 5,002,116; 4,924,934; 4,875,520; 4,825,936 Manual 2100-426 Page 1 WALL MOUNT GENERAL INFORMATION AIR CONDITIONER WALL MOUNT MODEL NOMENCLATURE MODEL NUMBER CONTROL MODULES J - Standard on

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Delay on Make (DOM) timing on power-up and after power interruptions is equal to 2 minutes plus 10% of Delay on Break (DOB) setting: 0.5 minute (30 seconds) DOB = 123 second DOM 1.0 minute (60 seconds) DOB = 126 second DOM 2.0 minute (120 seconds) DOB = 132 second DOM 3.0 minute (180 seconds) DOB = 138 second DOM 4.0 minute (240 seconds) DOB = 144 second DOM 5.0 minute (300 seconds) DOB = 150 second DOM During routine operation of the unit with no power interruptions the compressor will operate

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The blank-off plate is available upon request from the factory and is installed in place of the fresh air damper shipped with each unit. CONDENSATE DRAIN A plastic drain hose extends from the drain pan at the top of the unit down to the unit base. There are openings in the unit base for the drain hose to pass through. In the event the drain hose is connected to a drain system of some type, it must be an open or vented type system to assure proper drainage. FIGURE 2 BLOWER DAMPER ASSEMBLY MIS-938

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CRANKCASE HEATERS These units are not provided with crankcase heat. These units utilize scroll compressors which do not require crankcase heat in this application. HIGH PRESSURE SWITCH The models are supplied with a remote reset high pressure switch. If tripped, this pressure switch may be reset by turning the thermostat off then back on again. THREE PHASE SCROLL COMPRESSOR START UP INFORMATION Scroll compressors, like several other types of compressors, will only compress in one rotational dire

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patent numbers: 5,485,878; 5,301,777; 5,002,116; 4,924,934; 4,875,520; 4,825,936; 4,432,409 Manual 2100-351 Page 1 WALL MOUNT GENERAL INFORMATION AIR CONDITIONING WALL MOUNT MODEL NOMENCLATURE CONTROL MODULES MODEL NUMBER WL 60 2 3 A 10 X N X X X A CAPACITY COIL OPTIONS 60 - 5 Ton X -Standard 1 -Phenolic Coated Evaporator COLOR OPTIONS 2 -Phenolic Coated Condenser REVISIONS KW X -Beige (Standard) 3 -Phenolic Coated Evaporator FEATURE CODE 1 -White and Condenser 3 -3 ton air openings 2 -Mesa Tan

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Manual 2100-351 Page 2 Manual 2100-351 Page 3 FIGURE 1 UNIT DIMENSIONS WL602N, WL6023, WL4823 ONLY MIS-1451 Manual 2100-351 Page 4 FIGURE 2 UNIT DIMENSIONS WL6022, WL4822 ONLY MIS-1452 TABLE 2 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Manual 2100-351 Page 5 Mode l SINGL E CIRCUI T DUA L CIRCUI T Rate d Volts & Phas e No . Fiel d Powe r Circuit s • Minimu m Circui t Ampacit y • Maximu m Externa l Fus e o r Ckt . Breake r • Fiel d Powe r Wir e Siz e • Groun d Wir e Siz e • Minimu m Circui t Ampacit y • Maximu m E

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If damage is found, the receiving party must contact the last carrier immediately, preferably in writing, requesting inspection by the carrier’s agent. GENERAL The equipment covered in this manual is to be installed by trained, experienced service and installation technicians. The refrigerant system is completely assembled and charged. All internal wiring is complete. The unit is designed for use with or without duct work. Flanges are provided for attaching the supply and return ducts. These ins

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A pressure table can be found later in the manual covering all models. It is imperative to match the correct pressure table to the unit by model number. Manual 2100-400 Page 15 TROUBLESHOOTING FAN BLADE SETTING DIMENSIONS Shown in Figure 10 is the correct fan blade setting dimension for proper air delivery across the outdoor coil. Any service work requiring removal or adjustment in the fan and/or motor area will require that the dimensions below be checked and blade adjusted in or out on the mot