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Detergent To fill the detergent compartment 1. Push the latch to open the compartment. 2. Add the required amount of detergent. The main detergent compartment (b in figure 1) has lines to allow for specific amounts of detergent. These are marked at either 15 cm3 or 25 cm3, depending on how dirty the dishes are. If your dishes are in need of an intensive wash, then add 5 cm3 of detergent into the prewash section of the compartment (a in figure 1). 3. Then close the detergent compartment lid until

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Note: When selecting the "3/1" button, it is normal that the salt and rinse-aid lights remain on, if their containers are empty. DELAYING THE PROGRAM (available in all programs except the soak program) The PROGRAM DELAY button (8) can be pressed to delay the start ofthe program by up to 9 hours. This means that the dishwasher can beoperated at the time of day of your choice. Press the button severaltimes in succession and the display will show the delay with which theappliance will start, beginn

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• Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : service@cda.eu W : Manual for Installation, Use and Maintenance Important The CDA Group Ltd cannot be held responsible for injuries or losses caused by incorrect use or installation of this product. Please note that CDA reserve the right to invalidate the guarantee supplied with this product following incorrect installation or misuse of the appliance. This appliance is not designed to be used by people (in

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• First open the door slightly to reduce the risk of water spillage. • Press the Programme Selection button until the required Programme Indicator light is illuminated. • Then close the door. The dishwasher will begin the new programme from the point at which the old programme stopped. Cancelling a programme It is possible to cancel the programme once the programme has started. • First open the door slightly to reduce the risk of water spillage. • Press and hold the Programme Selection button fo

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Das Symbol auf dem Produkt, der Gebrauchsanleitung oder der Verpackung weist darauf hin. Die Werkstoffe sind gema. ihrer Kennzeichnung wiederverwertbar. Mit der Wiederverwendung, der stofflichen Verwertung oder anderen Formen der Verwertung von Altgeraten leisten Sie einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Schutze unserer Umwelt. Bitte erfragen Sie bei der Gemeindeverwaltung die zustandige Entsorgungsstelle. 1 - DE INHALT 1 Ihr Trockner 3 Uberblick 3 Technische Daten 4 2 Warnhinweise 5 Allgemeine Sicherheit


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• Only use regenerating salt specially formulated for domestic dishwashers. If using salt tablets, do not fill the container completely. SALT User instructions .... • Do not use table salt as it contains insoluble substances which, over time, may damage the water softening system. • When necessary, refill the regenerating salt container before starting the washing program. In this way, the excess saline solution will be immediately removed by the water; the prolonged presence of salt water insid