Boss Audio Systems TU-12BW

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These sections provide important information concerning the proper operation of the unit. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every feature provided by your new unit, this manual should be read in its entirety. The manual should be saved and kept on hand as a convenient reference. As shipped, the TU-12BW’s batteries are not yet installed. Be sure to read the section “Changing the Batteries,“ and then follow the instructions to install the batteries. Copyri

Boss Audio Systems TU-1000

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Vor dem Betrieb des Gerats lesen Sie bitte die folgend aufgefuhrten Abschnitte sorgfaltig durch: „SICHERER BETRIEB DES GERATS“ und „WICHTIGE HINWEISE“ (auf einem gesonderten Blatt beiliegend). Diese Abschnitte enthalten wichtige Informationen uber die korrekte Bedienung des Gerats. Damit Sie auch das Gefuhl bekommen, die gesamte Funktionalitat Ihres neuen Gerats zu uberblicken, sollten Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung vollstandig durchlesen. Die Anleitung sollte an einer gut erreichbaren Stelle auf

Boss Audio Systems SP-505

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For example, if a sample contains noise, you can lower the volume of the region containing the noise, to make it less obtrusive. * The tonal quality may change if you perform this operation repeatedly. * While you are adjusting the volume of a specified region in the sample, the Play BPM setting will be ignored, and the sample will play at its original BPM (tempo). 1. Press the pad of the sample whose volume you want to adjust for a specified region. 2. Press [WAVE EDIT]. 3. Press [F2] (AMP). Th

Boss Audio Systems RT-20

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When switched off, the sound input to the INPUT jack is output without change. When set to “SLOW” When set to “FAST” Off Lit SLOW/FAST Pedal Switches the rotor’s rotation speed each time the pedal is pressed. 8 Operating the RT-20 Panel Operation For this description of using the pedals, first press the EFFECT ON/OFF pedal to switch on the effect (ON/OFF indicator lit), and press the SLOW/FAST pedal to switch the setting to SLOW (SLOW/FAST indicator off). In addition, set the knobs to the positi

Boss Audio Systems RC50

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Boss Audio Systems RC-20XL

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You can use it as a reminder of operational procedures. Main Uses Here are some ways in which the RC-20XL can be used. You can use your own creativity to come up with other ways to enjoy using the RC-20XL. ¦ “Sound On Sound” performance New “sound on sound” possibilities let you combine performances not only of guitar, but also vocals, percussion, and drum pads.................................................... p. 12 ¦ Create loop phrases You can record phrases from a sampling CD or MD, and ove

Boss Audio Systems RC-2

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Press the pedal to put the RC-2 into standby. The REC/PLAY/DUB indicator flashes rapidly Pressing the pedal once while the unit is in recording standby cancels recording. 4. Begin your performance. The RC-2 starts recording as soon as it receives audio input. 5. Press the pedal to stop recording. Playback of the recorded phrase begins simultaneously. 6. If you want to overdub onto the phrase, press the pedal. Each subsequent pedal press toggles between playback and overdubbing modes. * You can u

Boss Audio Systems OfficeServ 12

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No information contained herein may be copied, translated, transcribed or duplicated for any commercial purposes or disclosed to third parties in any form without the prior written consent of SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. TRADEMARKS OfficeServ 12 is the trademark of SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. Product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Please read this guide before using the OfficeServ 12, and follow the instructions t

Boss Audio Systems OC-20G

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Using an AC adapter makes possible long performances with no worry about batteries going dead. GK IN Connector This connector is for connecting your guitar with a GK cable. NORMAL PU MIX Switch When Master is on, this switch determines whether or not the normal pickup sounds (or the sounds input to the GUITAR RETURN) are mixed. By mixing the normal pickup sound, you can create a sound that makes your guitar sound come alive. GUITAR OUT Jack Normal pickup signals input through the GK-2A are outpu

Boss Audio Systems ME-50B

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* The COMPRESSOR/LIMITER indicator goes off when this is set to OFF. NATURAL Provides natural-sounding performances with little thinning of the sound, even when pushing the effect. This is especially effective with slapping and hard picking. LIMITER Prevents distortion by suppressing the input signal level when it exceeds the set value. 160D SOFT Models the dbx 160 set to a lower compression ratio. 160D HARD Models the dbx 160 set to a high compression ratio. D-COMP Models the MXR DynaComp. THRE