Cabletron Systems THN-MIM

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The male end of the BNC tee connector is used to connect directly to the host or to the transceiver. The female ends of the tee connector must be connected to another part of the segment or to a terminator. Page 2-1 INSTALLATION Since the ports on the module are internally terminated, the end of the segment that will be connected to the module will not be a tee connector or terminator. 2.2.2 Thin-net Segments (THN-MIM7593 only) The following network design guideline must be followed when connect

Cabletron Systems STARPLUS 2700 Series

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products are not authorized for and should not be used within Life Support applications. Life Support systems are equipment intended to support or sustain life and whose failure to perform when properly used in accordance with instructions provided can be reasonably expected to result in significant personal injury or death. VODAVI Technology, Inc. warranty is limited to replacement of defective components and does not cover injury to persons or property or other consequential damages Copyright

Cabletron Systems SPECTRUM TRMMIM

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-On a module without selectable ring ports, the ring ports will display “UNS”. - Ring ports that do not have media selection will display “---”. - Station ports will display “---”. • Active Ports displays the following information about statistics for the port: -Yes if a linked (green with INS Admin/Link status) port on the TRMMIM-managed ring has recorded statistics since the statistical counters were last reset. -No if a linked (green with INS Admin/Link status) port on the TRMMIM-managed ring

Cabletron Systems SPECTRUM SEHI100TX-22

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The ARP and RARP requests sent by bridges and routers are broadcast packets. Monitoring Hub Performance Using the SEHI100TX Hub View Multicast Packets The number of multicast packets received by this device, module, or port since the window was last opened or reset. Multicast packets are simultaneously addressed to more than one address, but fewer than all addresses. Collisions The number of collisions recorded by this device, module, or port since the window was last opened or reset. The SEHI10

Cabletron Systems SPECTRUM FRX6000

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Octets The total octets received from or transmitted to an adjacent SDLC link station since link station startup, expressed as a rate (octets/second). This includes the address, control, and information .eld of I-frames only. Retransmits In the Rx Statistics window, this is the total number of I-frames retransmitted by the remote link station because the N(s) received from that link station indicated that one or more I-frames sent by or to that station were lost. In the Tx Statistics window, thi

Cabletron Systems SPECTRUM FRX4000

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About Subscriber IDs Your FRX and SmartSwitch 1800 devices are designed to provide point-to-point dedicated connections among the devices communicating through their serial ports. There are two types of connections used to accomplish this: Permanent Virtual Circuits, or PVCs, which de.ne permanent point-to-point connections which are always available, even when they are not being used; and Switched Virtual Circuits, or SVCs, which are established and broken in response to speci.c call requests.

Cabletron Systems SPECTRUM 1800

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A more negative setting produces a higher input gain (i.e., 7 produces the least input gain and -22 produces the highest input gain). If the In level is reduced (made more negative), the voice channel will be more sensitive to the input; this will cause the voice output at the remote device to sound louder. The default value for this parameter is 0. Level Out This parameter speci.es the local voice level out of the voice port. A more positive setting produces a higher volume (i.e., 7 produces th

Cabletron Systems SEHI-32/34

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NOTE Before you configure redundancy, make sure that only the primary physical link is connected to the network. If a backup port is connected before you configure and enable redundancy, you create a data loop. To open the main Repeater Redundancy window: from the icon: 1. Click on the appropriate device icon to display the icon menu. 2. Drag down to Redundancy and release. from the Hub View: 1. Click on to display the Device menu. 2. Drag down to Redundancy and release. from the command line (s

Cabletron Systems SEHI-22/24

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Click on the appropriate selection in the Send Trap field to Enable or Disable traps for the selected port(s). 6. Click on to save your changes; each port’s new status will be displayed in the list box. Click on to close the window. Enabling Security and Traps Security Enabling Security and Traps Appendix A Appendix A SEHI MIB Structure SEHI management information base configuration IETF MIB Support In addition to its proprietary features, the SEHI-22/24 and SEHI-32/34 currently support the foll

Cabletron Systems FOT-DF24

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© Copyright August 1994 by Cabletron Systems, Inc. P. O. Box 5005, Rochester, NH 03866-5005 All Rights Reserved Printed in the United States Part number: 9030729-02 August 1994 FOT-DF24 802.3 10BASE-FL/FOIRL Redundant Transceiver The FOT-DF24™ fiber optic transceiver is designed to link two Ethernet™ devices through fiber optic cable. Dual fiber optic ports with ST type connectors provide redundant data paths for critical applications. FOT-DF24 802.3 10BASE-FL/FOIRL REDUNDANT TRANSCEIVER WITH LA