Chromalox WTL-121

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VO \'u *40 * BO KÂ O AO 50 BO 70 BO * 1 ‘ * ‘ * jr 3 2.75" (70)' ~D Front View 1.5" (38)' 4.75" (121) Side View Specifications — Table A Model RaTeg7(;F) Contacts Range (°F) Max AC Volts Max AC Amps WTL-121 40-80 SPST 30 V 1 Amp GENERAL Note: Type WTL thermostats are designed for temperature control service only. Because they do not fail safe, they should not be used for temperature limiting duty. WARNING: Users should install adequate back-up controls and safety dev

Chromalox WR-80EP

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Do not mount adjacent to space around wires in the conduit with rock wool. a large magnetic contactor, as vibration and shock will cause thermostat to interact erratically – resulting in chattering of the contactor. WARNING: Do not twist or uncoil the coiled element on top of the case. The proper location of a heavy duty room thermostat is important to assure good performance. 1. Locate where air circulates freely. 2. Never install on or near outside wall. 3. Keep away from windows or doors. 4.

Chromalox VERSATHERM PE414-3

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Lugs/ "-13 x / " Deep1122Dimensions (Inches) AB11" 7-7/8" 6" E1 E2 Dim. (In.) Model PCNA B Cast Iron Body / Oil .5 to 10 kW 29 29 19 19 NWHOSR-06-04P5-E1 NWHOSR-06-04P5-E1 100108 100116 41 303/4 NWHOSR-06-005P-E1 100124 29 29 19 19 NWHOSR-06-006P-E1 NWHOSR-06-006P-E1 100132 100140 41 303/4 NWHOSR-06-010P-E1 100159 Galvanized Body / Water .5 to 40 kW 29 29 19 19 NWHSRG-06-018P-E1 NWHSRG-06-018P-E1 100010 100028 41 303/4 NWHSRG-06-020P-E1 100036 29 29 19 19 NWHSRG-06-024P-E1 NWHSRG-06-024P-E1 1000

Chromalox UB-752D

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Although the safety of installation is the responsibility of the user, Chromalox will be glad to make equipment recommendations. OPERATION DANGER: 2. This heater is not intended for use in hazardous 1. Do not restrict air-flow through the heater by atmospheres where flammable vapors, gases, liqplacing fabric or other obstructions in front of or uids or other combustible atmospheres are present behind the heaters. With some combustible as defined in the National Electrical Code. Failure materials

Chromalox UB-502D

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For these tures could cause a fire. applications see Bulletin PDS CXH-EP PF305. MAINTENANCE WARNING: Turn off all power to service heater. Do not 2. Following long periods of idleness, heater should be vacuattempt to service heater while unit is operating as umed before start-up, to remove accumulated combustible par- there is hazard of electric shock, injury from operat-ticles which otherwise may smoke or incinerate on initial heat ing fan, and burns from hot heating elements. up. 3. Periodical

Chromalox UB-5002A

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Part No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Volts Amps Phase Cycles RPM HP Type Vac Cap. 193-025776-001 HF2K007N 115 5.4 1 60 1625 1/3 040-025779-001 1270 Oil 370 5 MFD 193-025776-002 HF2K006N 230 2.54 1 60 1625 1/3 040-025779-002 1271 Oil 370 6 MFD 193-302120-011 P55YYBYV-887 460 0.9 3 60 1725 1/3 — — — — — 54 TRANSFORMERS Size Part Number V.A. Rating Voltages Primary Secondary Large4 315-052169-011 970 220, 230, 240, 440, 460, 480 110, 115, 120 315-052169-012 550, 575, 600 110, 115, 120 Small5 315-304252-001 4

Chromalox UB-4502A

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B. For ceiling heights of 12 feet or less, maximum mounting height is determined by use of ceiling mounting brackets offered with these heaters. Minimum spacing to ceiling is 14-1/4”. C. In either case the minimum mounting height is 7 feet from floor to bottom of heater. (See Figures 1 and 2.) 2. Spacing to adjacent walls A. Rear of case to back wall 11” minimum. B. Side of case to side wall 12” minimum. 3. If two or more units are operated in the same enclosed space, their discharges should be

Chromalox UB-4002A

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Type UB-3502A, UB-4002A, UB-4502A, UB-5002A Forced-Air Heater Figure 1 Figure 2 (Wall Mounted) (Ceiling Mounted) Specifications – Table A Model Volts and Phase kW Horizontal Air Discharge Wt. (Lbs.) UB-3502A 240V, 550V, 575V, 600V (3o) 480V (1o or 3o) 35 54’ 210 UB-4002A 480V (1o or 3o) 550V, 575V, 600V (3o) 40 54’ 210 UB-4502A 480V (1o or 3o) 550V, 575V, 600V (3o) 45 54’ 210 UB-5002A 480V, 550V, 575V, 600V (3o) 50 54’ 210 IMPORTANT WARNING: Hazard of Electric Shock. Disconnect WARNING: Users

Chromalox UB-3502A

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DANGER: Hazard of Fire. 2. Do not operate heater in corrosive atmosphere conditions to A. Do not restrict air flow through heater by placing fabric or avoid destructive damage to heater. other obstructions in front of or behind the heater. Increased 3. Avoid operating heater in dusty environment which can foul discharge temperatures can discolor or ignite some heat heater fins to dissipate heat or impair motor ventilation leading sensitive combustible materials. to excessive operating temperatur

Chromalox UB-3002A

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1. Connect heater according to the voltage and frequency specified on the nameplate and using the appropriate wiring diagram (Figures 3 thru 11). Note: Be sure to check the voltage rating of the fan motor since it is not necessarily the same as the heater circuit. 2. If an external transformer is used to step down the voltage for operating the fan motor, use appropriate wiring diagram (Figures 8 thru 11). 3. Heaters are not provided with a control switch and should be controlled by externally mo