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Installation Measurements IN-DASH MOUNTING FOR GM VEHICLES Figure 2. Typical Mounting using Metal Mounting Adapter Figure 4. Top Mount using Plastic Mounting Adapter. Figure 5. Bottom Mount using Plastic Mounting Adapter. Machine Self . Tapping Screws Plastic Figure 3. Typical Mounting using Plastic Mounting Adapter Figure 6. Bottom Mount using Metal Mounting Adapter. INSTALLATION FOR FORIEGN VEHICLES INSTALLATION FOR DOOR MOUNT Figure 7. Rear Deck Mount for Volkswagen Golf I Figur

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Entfernen Sie alle Oberflachenbeschichtungen, bevor Sie das Massekabel anbringen, um so einen metallischen Massekontakt zu garantieren. 4. Fernbedienungs-Verstarkungsregler Es liegt ein Fernbedienungs-Verstarkungsregler bei, der bei aktiviertem Tiefpassfilter als Lautstarkeregler dient. Dieser Regler sollte in der Nahe des Fahrers an einer leicht zuganglichen Stelle angebracht werden. Dies ist kein Verstarkungs-, sondern ein Niveauregler. Der Niveauregler schwacht den Verstarker ab oder verstark

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High operating temperature can be caused by an incorrect input sensitivity level: refer to sub-section titled INPUT SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENTS for correct setting. 6. "Motorboating": The Check the amplifier's connection to the battery. amplifier power indicator Check battery voltage. If low, recharge or replace going off repeatedly when battery. Check all ground connections. the audio system is on 7. Whining noise when Reroute power cable from battery to source unit directly, engine is running with

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This will give you the best sound and signal-to-noise ratio. Besides better sonic reproduction, proper input sensitivity also helps to prolong the reliability span of your amplifier by eliminating excessive internal temperature generated by incompatible source unit output and amplifier input. Note : Turning the input gain UP does NOT indicate MORE power. Just MORE noise. The input gain control IS NOT a power control. REMEMBER that the input gain control has nothing to do with the power output of

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. . after setting the Bass Boost to work best with your subwoofer/ enclosure combination. More is NOT always better! SETTING UP & USING REMOTE SUBWOOFER GAIN CONTROL (R S) If you are using the R S control, make sure to take this into account during set-up procedures of the subwoofer amplifier. You should set the system up with the R S plugged in, and with the level knob turned all the way down (counter clockwise). NOTE: the R S ONLY works when you’ve selected the LPF (low-pass) crossover configu

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4. Connect the front right ("+") speaker output of the amplifier to the positive terminal of the right speaker. 5. Repeat the same for the rear channel speaker connections. + L - + R - BRIDGE BRIDGE + L - + R - FRONT REAR FOR BRIDGED (MONO) Note: For bridged mono mode, 1. Connect the front left positive ("+") of the speaker. 2. Connect the front right negative ("–") of the speaker. 3. Repeat the same for the rear channel. 4. Make sure that ALL RCAs (front and rear left/and output will suffer. L

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"LPF": Slide switch to this position if the amplifier is used as a subwoofer amplifier. 2. HIGH-PASS/LOW-PASS FREQUENCY SELECTOR KNOB (FREQ) Adjust high/low-pass crossover frequency between 30 to 300Hz. 3. BASS BOOST CONTROL (BOOST) Select a boost level between 0dB and +18dB to enhance the bass performance of your sound system. 4. INPUT SENSITIVITY LEVEL CONTROL (SENS) The input sensitivity level can be varied from 5.0 volts to 100 mV depending on the output voltage of the source unit (refer to

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. . to the Coustic world of power These new Coustic 321QE and power amplifiers deliver the cleanest environment. Besides their sleek contoured design, the and most sophisticated audio features. This features. For the best sonic reproduction, please as closely as possible. The time you spend when you sit back and enjoy the high fidelity music! To further explore the potential of your Coustic amplifier, we recommend you match it with our dynamic full-range speakers or subwoofers and electronic Wha

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Figure 3: Upright Mount on Horizontal Surface Figure 4: Parallel Mount on Vertical Surface The amplifier may be mounted upright on a horizontal surface (see Figure 3) or parallel to a vertical surface (see Figure 4). However, the amplifier should never be mounted upside down (see Figure 5) for the simple reason that the hot air generated by the amplifier would have to go through the unit internally on its natural upward path (i.e., "feedback" into the unit) and would result in increased internal