Crest Audio XRM - 12

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Retain all documentation for future reference. 3 Follow all instructions printed on unit chassis for proper operation. 4 Do not use the unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken. The power supply cord should be routed so that it is not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against it. 5 Always operate the unit with the AC ground wire connected to the electrical system ground. Precautions should be taken so that the means of grounding of a piece of equipment is

Crest Audio X-SERIES X 20R

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Um sich vor einer moglicherweise gefahrlichen Belastung durch hohe Schalldruckpegel zu schutzen, wird allen Personen empfohlen, die mit Geraten arbeiten, die wie dieses Verstarkungssystem hohe Schalldruckpegel erzeugen konnen, beim Betrieb dieses Gerats einen Gehorschutz zu tragen. BEWAHREN SIE DIESE SICHERHEITSHINWEISE AUF! Instructions Importantes De Securite ATTENTION: L’utilisation de tout appareil electrique doit etre soumise aux precautions d’usage incluant: 1. Lire ces instructions. 2. Ga

Crest Audio X-SERIES X 18R

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grundlegende Vorsichtsma.nahmen befolgt werden: 1. Lesen Sie sich diese Anweisungen durch. 2. Bewahren Sie diese Anweisungen auf. 3. Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. 4. Befolgen Sie alle Anweisungen. 5. Setzen Sie dieses Gerat nicht in der Nahe von Wasser ein. 6. Reinigen Sie es nur mit einem trockenen Tuch. 7. Blockieren Sie keine der Luftungsoffnungen. Fuhren Sie die Installation gema. den Anweisungen des Herstellers durch. 8. Installieren Sie das Gerat nicht neben Warmequellen wie Heizungen, Heiz

Crest Audio Mixing Console HPW

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Intended to alert the user of the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product. CAUTION: Risk of electrical shock — DO NOT OPEN! CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. WARNING: To prevent electrical shock or fire hazard, this apparatus should not be exposed to rain or moisture‚ and objects filled with liquids‚ such a

Crest Audio HP-8

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Finally, here was a console with pro features at an anklebiter price. But we got through the better part of a year before we actually got our hands on one and, truth is, we were underwhelmed. A call to Crest engineering confirmed that they were aware of the same issues we had noted (manufacturing and not design-related) and said they were being addressed. We opted to wait to review the HP-8 until that happened and it appears to have been worth the wait. Feature Set I finally got a 24-channel

Crest Audio Digital Mixer CV 20

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CV 20 includes those features most-desired by touring and permanent installation engineers. Full-VCA control is provided, not only on input channels but also on group masters (aux masters in fader reverse mode) and L/R and Mono masters for maximum control of complex mixes. Four band sweep able EQ with Q control on the mids and a variable High Pass Filter are provided on all mono inputs. 12 auxiliary sends and 8 sub groups are standard on all CV 20 models with fader reverse functionality for easy