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Consult the earlier section More Psion and file handling notes first if you are not adequately familiar with the Psion's routines. On the Workabout: ¦ Exit from the SunData application (if necessary) by pressing . ....+X. ¦ In the System Screen, press Menu, Spec, Remote Link, and press Enter. Set the Remote link to On, Baud rate to 9600, and the Port to A. Press Enter to accept. ¦ Connect the RS232 port at the top right of the Workabout to the PC’s COM1 serial port with the SunScan comms cable.


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Select the native resolution+ Pixel errors can be seen7 One of several pixels are permanently black, one or more pixels are permanently white, one orI more pixels are permanently red, green, blue or another color+ Read the Pixel error rates section+ The image has a faulty coloration7 It has a yellow, blue or pink appearance+ On the monitor, press .Enter. key and press ! or " key to move to the .Recall. icon and pressI .Enter. key to enter .Recall. sub menu. Press ! or " key to select .Color Reca


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Press the .. or .. keys to change the settings. • Full • Aspect • 1:1 (only for 24’’ wide-screen models) 26 How to adjust your monitor System menu 1. Press the MENU key to display the main menu. 2. Press the .. or .. keys to select SYSTEM and then press the ENTER key to enter the menu. 3. Press the .. or .. keys to move the highlight to a menu item and then press the ENTER key to select that item. 4. Press the .. or .. keys to make adjustments or selections. 5. To return to the previous menu, pr

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Follow the prompts until it displays the option to Install Hardware Device drivers. 2. Insert the BenQ LCD Monitor CD-ROM into a CD drive on the computer. 3. Check Search for a suitable driver for my device option, and click Next. 4. Check the option for CD-ROM drives (uncheck all others) and click Next. 5. Look to confirm that the wizard has selected the correct name of your monitor and click Next. 6. Click Finish. 7. Restart the computer. 12 Getting the most from your BenQ monitor How to upgra

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(optional, not available for analog-only models) The DVI-D format is used for direct digital connection between source video and digital LCD monitors or projectors. The digital video signals produce a superior quality picture than analog video signals. Connect the plug of the D-Sub cable (at the end without the ferrite filter) to the monitor D-Sub socket. Connect the other plug of the D-Sub cable (at the end with the ferrite filter) to the computer video D-Sub socket. Tighten all finger screws t