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R CAUTION: Read and follow all safety rules andoperating instructions before first use of thisproduct PRECAUTION: Veuillez lire attentivement les consignes de securite et les instructions d’utilisation avant l’utilisation initiale de ce produit. COMPACT FREEZER Owner’s Use and Care Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-5 • Important Safety Instructions • Installation Instructions • Features • Operation • Care and Maintenance • Troubleshooting • W

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1) To set the AUTO-OFF timer, the unit must be turned on (I/O switch) and operational. 2) Press the TIMER-OFF key pad to initiate the AUTO-OFF time sequence. Fig. 33. The display window will indicate TIMER-OFF and the word OFF will flash for 5 seconds. Press the or key pad to select the desired AUTO-OFF time. Fig. 33a. key pad will decrease the AUTO-TIMED setting in 10 minute increments. keypad will increase the AUTO-TIMED setting in 10 minute increments. When the desired time is established, (t

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It is important that your wine cooler is level. To level the wine cooler: 1. Move the wine cooler to its final location. 2. Have someone gently lean on the front of the wine cooler to take some of the weight off of the leveling legs. 4 For best operation, plug this appliance into its own electrical outlet to prevent flickering of lights, blowing of fuse or tripping of circuit breaker. Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. Do not use an adapter

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IMPORTANT: Never operate the unit without the air filter in place. AIR FILTER CLEANING STEPS: 1) Pull the air filter out gently (Fig. 4). 2) Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner, or wash it with clean water and dry with a dry cloth. 3) Put the clean air filter back in place and continue to operate the dehumidifier. Fig. 4 Fig. 5 9 CONTINUOUS DRAIN INSTRUCTIONS When using the continuous drain function, the PVC hose must be placed horizontally INSTALLING PVC below the drainage hole. Avoid uneven


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3 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1) All wiring must comply with local and national electrical codes and be installed by a qualified electrician. If you have any questions regarding the following instructions, contact a qualified electrician. 2) Check available power supply and resolve any wiring problems BEFORE installation and operation of this unit. 3) For your safety and protection, this unit is grounded through the power cord plug when plugged into a matching wall outlet. If you are not sure whet


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3) Make sure the water tank is correctly located. After switching on the machine for the first time, if the “Bucket Full” light illuminates, pull out the water tank, and check that the “float” lever is able to move freely, then return the water tank to the correct position (Fig.2). Fig. 1 Fig. 2 WATER FULL When the water tank is full and/or incorrectly positioned inside the cabinet, the water INDICATOR full red light turns on and remains on until such time that the tank is emptied and/or LIGHT(R


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To CANCEL: Press the SLEEP button once more. The mode is set back to the previous operating mode. SLEEP MODE • Decreases the fan speed of Indoor Unit(s) automatically and quiet operation is carried out. • When Sleep mode starts to operate, desired temperature will change automatically (see below). Heat* 3°C(6°F) down an hour after 4°C(8°F) down another 3-hours after Cool & Dry 1°C(2°F) goes up an hour after • When sleep mode starts to operate, flaps will move up or down by one-step automatically


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button to adjust OFF TIMER to PM 6:30 • Operation Temperature Range: HYUNDAI OPERATING RANGES Mode Temperature (°F) Indoor Humidity Indoor Outdoor Cool 70-90 70-109 <80% Dry 59-90 59-109 <80% Heat 59-81 32-75 <80% • If you operate the unit(s) at other than the above conditions, a safety device may be activated and shut off the power. • On humid days, frost may form on the surface of air conditioner or condensation may occur. HIGH POWER MODE Convenient on a hot day. (During AUTO, HEAT, COOL or DR