Dynacord PSX 850

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0 dBV = 1 V rms. Peak Indicator Threshold: Line Input to Aux Send: 2. Power ratings are for each channel, -10 dBV (0.310 volts) at minimum gain 46 dB both operating, unless noted. Line Inputs, Mic Input to Line Output: 3. 120-volt ac line voltage. Number: 54 dB Power Output, Left and Right Master Six mono; two stereo Line Input to Line Output: Amplifiers, Type/Connector: 36 dB 4 Ohms: High impedance, unbalanced, Mic Input to Tape Record Output: 250 watts '/»-inch phone jacks 54 dB 8 Ohms

Dynacord PowerMate Powered Mixer

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It’s the Formula One of power mixers, so it’s hardly surprising that the PowerMate has won numerous awards and come out on top in countless comparative tests. But aside from its quality, it’s the fact that it matches perfectly the needs of its users that makes the PowerMate the outstanding solution for a wide range of professional sound reinforcement applications. Now, after many extraordinarily successful years, the PowerMate has undergone a metamorphosis from which it emerges, more powerful, m

Dynacord PowerMate 600

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3 WICHTIGE SERVICEHINWEISE ....................... 3 BESCHREIBUNG ....................... 4 AUSPACKEN & GARANTIE ....................... 4 INSTALLATIONSHINWEISE ....................... 4 INPUT MONO ....................... 5 INPUT STEREO ....................... 8 FX 1/2 ....................... 10 AUX / MONO ....................... 12 MASTER ....................... 14 RUCKSEITE ....................... 16 AUFBAU EINER STANDARD PA ....................... 17 MASTER PATCHBAY ....................... 18

Dynacord PowerMate 2200

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Vergessen Sie einfach Anpassungs- und Verkabelungsprobleme von Mischpult, Verstarker, Effektteilen und Equalizeren. Hier haben Sie ein Gerat in dem alles optimal aufeinander abgestimmt ist. Durch die ergonomische Pultform und die ubersichtlich, strukturierte Anordnung der Bedienteile haben Sie immer alles im Blick und konnen schnell und problemlos auf jedes Detail zugreifen. Um schlechte Lichtverhaltnisse im Einsatz auszugleichen, ist eine Buchse zum Anschlu. einer Schwanenhalslampe vorgesehen.

Dynacord Power Mixer PowerMate 1600

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38. AUX3/4 POST As already previously described, this switch allows determining whether Pre- or Post-Fader signals are present at the AUX3/4 channel. The corresponding yellow LED signals when the switch is engaged and all input channel AUX3/4 controls are assigned post fader. 39. FEEDBACK FILTER The feedback filter is a very narrow banded notch filter, which is only active in a range that is extremely susceptible for acoustical feedback. The FEEDBACK filter rotary control sets the corresponding

Dynacord MP7

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The two 18-Bit digital processors offer a total of 198 high-quality effect combinations in well-known Dynacord-quality, but employing new 32-Bit algorithms. Pre Outs • Master A and B, Mono, subwoofer out with low-pass-filter, record send control • perfect headphones control via PFL/PGM/Mix (with specific 20 mm transition-fader Power Amplifier • 2 x 300 watts/4 Q • LpN-processor • Up to three 8 Q loudspeakers on a single channel • 7-Band graphic Master-EQ • Power Amp In Case • Lightweight (on

Dynacord DTI 2000

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Since operating and programming the DTI 2000 is similar to the operation and programming of a paging console, the DPM 4000 System handbook, the DPC 4000 paging console owner’s manual, and the Help Files of the PC Designer software may also be useful information sources. Characteristics The DTI 2000 is a micro processor-controlled, completely configurable telephone interface for DYNACORD PA-systems and sound reinforcement systems. The DTI 2000 is used for connecting the DPM 4000 System Manager to

Dynacord DSP 244

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A huge number of additional filters offers extremely flexible correction of the frequency response. Each input incorporates a 5-band equalizer, allowing to assign high and low-pass, high and low-shelving or parametric peak-dip filters to its individual filter sections. Next to the frequency crossover filters, four additional filters are employed in each output channel, which also can be set to work as high or low-pass, high or low-shelving filters, parametric peak-dip filters, or all-pass filter

Dynacord DRM 4000

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To learn more about every aspect of the software, please read the following parts of this manual carefully. 7.4.2 Menus And The Toolbar File Menu -Create a new file -Open an already existing file -Save a file -Save an already existing file under a new name -Print all parameters of the momentarily opened file -Preview of the page to print -Printer settings -Open the last modified file -Quit the program 7-2 SOFTWARE EDITOR DRM 4000 View Menu -Change the status of the symbol bar - visible / invisib

Dynacord DEM 313

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The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with a damp cloth. 7. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the man