Eclipse Combustion AIRHEAT AH-MA

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160, 8/1/05 Eclipse Combustion AirHeat Burners AH-MA Series Version 2 ECLIPSE" • Innovative Thermal Solutions Copyright Disclaimer notice Liability and WARRANTY Copyright 2004 by Eclipse, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. This publication is protected by federal regulation and shall not be copied, distributed, transmitted, transcribed or translated into any human or computer language, in any form or by any means, to any third parties, without the express written consent of Eclipse

Eclipse Combustion 6500

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Use only Eclipse model 5600-90A, 5600-91, 5602-91or 5600-91N4 scanners. Consult the burner manufacturer’s instructions for mounting location.When installing scanners, please consider the following: 1) Position the scanner within 457 mm (18") of the flame. 2) Bushing threads are 1/2 inch F.N.P.T. for scanner models 5600-90A, 5600-91 and 5600-91N4; model 5602-91 has 1 inch F.N.P.T. bushing threads. 3) The ambient temperature limits of each scanner varies, (see specifications). For higher temperatu