Elevation Audio DX500.1

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nal preference while listening to the system. Crossover Gain O I O @Q * Ô :OOlboll O DX200.2 DX300.4 Crossover Gain Subsonic DX500.1 DX1000.1 DX2000.1 Crossover Gain Gain Crossover ^^_A- 9 Operation STRAPPING AMPLIFIERS CDX5CJO/I /DX1DOD.1 /DXSOaO.I ] The DX500.1/DX1000.1/DX2000.1 amplifiers have the ability to connect two together and have their outputs combined, or strapped, to power a single speaker load. /j\ CAUTION: Two DX500.1/DX1000.1/DX2000.1 amplifiers that are strappe

Elevation Audio DX300.4

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Be careful not to mount the amplifier on cardboard or plastic panels. Doing so may enable thé screws to pull out from the panel due to road vibration or sudden vehicle stops. 8. Connect the source signal to the amplifier by plugging the RCA cables/high level inputs into the input jacks at the amplifier. 9. Connect the speakers. Strip the speaker wires 1/2" and insert into the speaker terminal and tighten the set screw to secure into place. Be sure to maintain proper speaker polarity. DO NOT ch

Elevation Audio DX2000.1

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If you are going to mount the amplifier under the seat of the vehicle, you must have at least 1" (2.54cm) of air gap around the amplifier's heatsink. Mounting the amplifier with less than 1" (2.54cm) of air gap around the amplifier's heatsink in the passenger compartment will not provide proper cooling and will severely affect the performance of the amplifier and is strongly not recommended. BATTERY ANO CHARGING Amplifiers will put an increased load on the vehicle's battery and charging syste

Elevation Audio DX200.2

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1 DX 1 □□□. 1 D X 2 □ □ □ . 1 Installation & Operation Introduction IIMIMOVATE DR DISINTEGRATE Thank you for purchasing the ELEVATION AUDIO Amplifier. Our customers have come to expect that ELEVATION AUDIO pushes the edge in audio. Now we will push the edge in the amplifier and woofer business with high value and high performance models. If, after reading your manual, you still have questions regarding this product, we recommend that you see your ELEVATION AUDIO dealer. If you need further

Elevation Audio DX1000.1

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50-250Hz Low Pass (Model DX500.1 / 1000.1 /2000.1). G. Remote Level Control: (Model DX500.1 / 1000.1 /2000.1 ) Attenuates Gain set on the amplifier by up to -12dB. H. Speaker Connections: Follow correct polarity, and do not Ground any speaker wires. Do not connect any speaker wires together. I. Pass Thru Outputs: The Pass-Thru provides a convenient source for daisy-chaining an additional amplifier without running an extra set of RCA cables from the front of the vehicle to the rear amplifier l