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Rome, NY 13440 An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company P/N# 240006021 Rev. 1.3 [05/07] WLCA/WLHA High Wall Evaporator 2 WLCA/WLHA HIGH WALL High Efficiency EVAPORATOR installation, operation and maintenance MANUAL P/N 240006021, Rev. 1.3 [05/07] This manual is intended as an aid to a qualified service personnel for proper installation, operation, and maintenance of EMI AmericaSeries high efficiency evaporators. Carefully read these instructions before attempting installation or operation. Failure to

EMI WLH12-S1H2000_101

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The system shall consist of a high wall mounted packaged evaporator section Model WLH12 and matching America Series outdoor unit Model S1H2. The units shall be made within North America. The units shall be listed by Intertek Testing Service (ITS) and beartheETLlabel.AllwiringshallbeinaccordancewiththeNationalElectricalCode(N.E.C.).Theunitsshallberated in accordancewithARI Standard 210/240and bear theARI label.The units shallbe manufacturedina facilitycertified toISO9001,whichisaninternationalsta


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1.6 [1/05] CAH/CAHW: 9,000 - 48,000 BtuhCAF/CAF4: 8,000 - 36,000 Btuh GENERAL STATEMENT IMPORTANT: The information contained in this manual is critical to the correct operation and main- tenance of the EMI cassette and should be read by all persons responsible for the installation, start up and maintenance of the unit. SAFETY: The equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any mechanical/electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obt

EMI Volts/HZ/pH

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A field installed crankcase heater is standard on S1H 09 &12 (Thermostatically controlled) models, and is available as optional equip ment on other models. inStaller SUpplieD itemS • Power wiring • Low volt wiring (18 awg minimum) • Secure mounting pad or foundation • Refrigerant piping (if not purchased from EMI) • High Volt Disconnect • Refrigerant for charging interconnect piping (see charge table on page 10) • Compressor and fan motor contactor • Run capacitor • Loss of charge switch (09 - 1


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B [10/08] JOB NAME: PURCHASER: , ENGINEER: SUBMITTED TO: . SUBMITTED BY: UNIT DESIGNATION: SCHEDULE #: LOCATION: FOR: REFERENCE [ ] APPROVAL [ ] CONSTRUCTION [ ] DATE:_ MODEL #: Manufacturer reserves the right to change these specifications at any time without incurring obligation. I g


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Turn oFF PoWer SuPPlY FirST. Outdoor units may be cleaned or waxed if desired. Use a non-abrasive car wax. Panels should remain on the unit at all times. Service should be performed by a QUAli- FiED service agency only. All EMI products are subject to ongoing development programs so design and specifications may change without notice. Please consult the factory for more information. general reCommendaTionS Do not charge the straight cool units on cold days unless weighing in the charge. The heat


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If below the chart value remove refrigerant. If below the limit line, remove refrigerant. Example (Using the 12,000 Btuh cooling chart): 1. Suction pressure is 65 psi. which equals 38° F on The R-22 Scale of the Low- Side gauge. 2. Suction line temperature taken at the unit is 70° F. 70° F minus 38° F equals 32° F superheat. Instructions: 1. Measure suction pressure and determine evaporator-refrigerant temperature on R-22 scale of low-side gauge. 2. Measure suction-line temperature on suction li


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To access wiring diagram: 7multi-zone Heat Pump Condensing units a) Remove the four screws on the front panel of the unit and slide the panel down until the upper edge is free, then remove the panel. b) The wiring diagram is located on the inside of the front panel. wiring Diagram Common Suction Pressure Access Point HighPressure Reset (18 & 24) Vapor(Suction) Liquid eleCTriCal Wiring t2HB, t3HB, And t4HB InStAllAtIon InStructIonS SEctIon t2HB, t3HB, And t4HB InStAllAtIon InStructIonS SEctIon 5.


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Maximumlengthallowed is 100 equivalent feet. • Avoid high traffic areas and prevailing wind locations. • Surface must be level. • Mount unit above typical snow levels. Ensure free flow of air through the unit. Air must not recirculate from discharge to intake. Air is drawn through the coil with side, or top discharged through the fan grille. A minimum 48” clearance is necessary for the condenser discharge. Intake (coil side) clearance is 12” minimum. Consider how power will be run to the unit fr


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An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company Rome, NY 13440 P/N# 240006458 Rev. B [10/08] EMI AMErIcA SErIES MultI-zonE HEAt PuMP condEnSIng unItS EMI AMErIcA SErIES MultI-zonE HEAt PuMP condEnSIng unItS inSTallaTion, oPeraTion and mainTenanCe manual This manual is intended as an aid to qualified service personnel for proper installation, operation, and maintenance of these EMI America Series multi-zone heat pump condensing units. Read the instructions thoroughly and carefully before attempting installati