Gary Fisher Cronos

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Because of its unique features, the Gary Fisher Cronus requires different or additional assembly techniques, provided here: + Carbon fiber care + Headset bearing installation + Front hub and fork integration + Bottom bracket bearing installation for a variety of bottom bracket types Check for updates. These instructions are written for an experienced mechanic. If you need further information, refer to your bicycle owner’s manual, the instructions in a bicycle mechanic’s handbook, or consult your

Gary Fisher Axiom Cycling Computer

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If this does not solve your problem, please return the computer to your authorized Fisher Dealer or send the computer postage paid to: Fisher Bicycle Corporation Attn. Computer Warranty Dept. 801 W Madison Street Waterloo, WI 53594 USA FISHER UK Attn. Computer Warranty Dept. 15 Old Bridge Way Bedfordshire, SG17 5HQ ENGLAND Please include the following: 1. The complete computer (wiring, etc.) 2. A copy of your sales receipt 3. A brief explanation of the problem 4. Your return address For 2 years