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CAUTION: Always follow proper shutdown procedure as described in this manual when turning the laminator off. CAUTION: The laminator may only be moved by a qualified service representative. Improper disconnection or reconnecting can result in injury to you and/ or damage to the laminator. CAUTION: Never use this machine for any other purpose than its intended design and function. You may be injured. The following actions can result in machine damage. CAUTION: Do not make any modifications to this


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The DocuBind TL300 punches up to 12 sheets of 20 lb./80 gram paper at once. Punch only TWO clear covers at a time to prevent jams and excessive wear. 5. If punch jams, depress the RESET[2]button (D3). Then press the PUNCHES button (D2) again and remove paper or covers from punch throat (it may be necessary to punch several times in order to remove the paper). Repeat steps 1 to 4 with slightly less paper to avoid punch jams on additional lifts. Thank you lor purchasing the GBC DocuBind TL300. T

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GBC 1264WF/1244WF Operation Manual © 2006 General Binding Corporation Page 18 Display Control Panel-Continued Top and Bottom Temperature Use the up or down arrow keys to increase or decrease the set temperature of the heat rollers. The temperature shown on the display is the temperature at which the unit is attempting to attain. For example if the unit is set to 200*F even though the actual roller temperature may be higher or lower. To view the actual temperature press MEASURE. Stop The STOP but

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General Binding Corporation (GBC) is not liable for errors in this publication or for incidental or consequential damage in connection with the furnishing or use of the information in this publication, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of fitness or merchantability for any particular use. GBC reserves the right to make changes to this publication and to the products described in it without notice. All specifications and information concerning products are subject to change with


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GUARDE ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES PARA REFERENCIA FUTURA. ESTA ADVERTENCIA SE ENCUENTRA EN EL PRODUCTO. ADVERTENCIA Riesgo de descarga electrica. No abrir. Las piezas internas no deben ser manipuladas por el usuario. Acudir a un centro de servicio especializado. Este mensaje de seguridad significa que usted puede verse seriamente lesionado o puede morir si abre el producto y se expone a voltajes peligrosos. ESTA ADVERTENCIA SE ENCUENTRA EN LA VERSION MICROCORTE SOLAMENTE ADVERTENCIA Panel de control


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This current path keeps the relay activated when the "ON" push button of the main control switch is released. The second current path is from the hot leg to the neutral leg of the circuit, through two parallel circuits. The first circuit is through the run coil of the motor (Ml), the second is through the main control switch (S3), starting capacitor (Cl), start coil of the motor (Ml). 3. Reverse (S2). The reverse switch is in series with the the coil of the relay. When this switch is activated


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Read the corresponding PROBABLE MALFUNCTION, and then preform the recommended procedure in the CORRECTIVE ACTION column. When replacing electrical components having push on type terminals, tag the electrical leads that are removed to facilitate reconnecting them. Refer to the wiring diagram in figure 5.5 to resolve any wiring difficulties that may occur. Warning: Always unplug the shredder to avoid possible severe electrical shocks before attempting to preform any repair. 9 5.3 TROUBLESHOOTIN


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The shredding of other metal items may damage the shredder. Plastic materials such as charge cards, covers, inserts, and film may be shredded occasionally, however, extended shredding of such materials will prematurely dull the cutters. The shredder control panel is shown in Figure 4.0.1. To start shredding, press the white "ON" push button and feed the paper to be shredded into the throat of the shredder. Never exceed the maximum capacity of the shredder. To turn the shredder off press the red


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