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Y and W type plans can be used, but the need for additional relays is not practical. It is much easier to convert Y and W type plans to S types from the start. 8.8 Bivalent Systems For bivalent systems, it is necessary to disconnect the internal immersion element from the relay inside the heat pump control panel. Taking the live and neutral outputs from this relay extend this wire to the boiler. Isolate this cable through a fused double pole spur switch and mark on the switch that the supply com

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This element will energise under either one or two conditions : 1. When the external ambient air temperature drops between -5.C and +5.C. This figure is variable and adjustable at the ATC. 2. When the heat pump has not seen a temperature rise of 1.C or more in the Return water from the heating system, in a 20 minute period. The cable sizing to the heat pump must include for this additional 3kW load. For Bivalent systems where a Gas, Oil or Wood Pellet boiler is switched from the heat pump the im

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Put simply, the lower your design working temperature, the better the COP. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the heating system, stop and seek the advice of a qualified heating engineer or experienced system designer. 6 Calculating Radiator Sizes CalculatingRadiator 15 Most existing wet heating systems will use radiators as emitters. When the original system was installed, the radiators would have been sized according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Typically, this would hav

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They are not intended to describe complete systems, nor any particular system. It is the responsibility of the system designer, not Grant Engineering UK Ltd., to determine the necessary components for and configuration of the particular system being designed including any additional equipment and safety devices to ensure compliance with building and safety code requirements. 4 Hydraulic Diagrams IMPORTANT The following are examples of suitable systems Hydraulic Figure 4-2: Monovalent system - wi

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Failure to do so may result in poor performance and wasted time. If any of the above questions cannot be answered accurately, please do NOT proceed with the installation. While any errors made now may be able to be compensated for after the installation is completed, you will incur unnecessary delays and additional costs. Legislation Legislation ii All work that is required regarding the refrigerant circuit must be carried out by an F-gas registered (or equivalent) refrigeration Engineer. On no