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0 AL2.H=200 AL1.H=400 Example 2: Output 1: Relay, Set Point 1 = 200, Output 2: Relay, Set Point 2 = 200 Alarm 1 setup: Deviation, Band, "ALR.H" = 20 Alarm 2 setup: Deviation, Hi/Low, "ALR.H = 10", "ALR.L = 5" Color Display setup: "N.CLR"=Green, "1.CLR"=Amber, "2.CLR"=Red Display colors change sequences: AMBER | RED | GREEN | GREEN | RED | AMBER •-.--------•----------•--------------•--------------•----------•------------. 0 180 195 200 210 220 READING CONFIGURATION SETUP (operation example) Below

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Box 4047 ISO 9001 Certified Stamford, CT 06907-0047 TEL: (203) 359-1660 FAX: (203) 359-7700 e-mail: info@omega.com Canada: 976 Bergar Laval (Quebec) H7L 5A1, Canada TEL: (514) 856-6928 FAX: (514) 856-6886 e-mail: info@omega.ca For immediate technical or application assistance: U.S.A. and Canada: Sales Service: 1-800-826-6342 / I-8OO-TC-OMEGA® Customer Service: 1-800-622-2378 / 1-800-622-BEST® Engineering Service: 1-800-872-9436 / 1-800-USA-WHEN® En Espanol: (001) 203-359-7803 e-mail:

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OMEGA is constantly pursuing certification of its products to the European New Approach Directives. OMEGA will add the CE mark to every appropriate device upon certification. The information contained in this document is believed to be correct, but OMEGA Engineering, Inc. accepts no liability for any errors it contains, and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. WARNING: These products are not designed for use in, and should not be used for, human applications. WARRANTY/DISCL

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They are made from the same material used in the OMEGAMARKER® temperature indicating products this time in a lacquer suspension. Lacquer serves as a transport function only. The OMEGALAQ® temperature indicating liquids are used to tell temperatures on surfaces such as polished metal, glass, plastics, rubber, fabrics or electronic components. They can be used for making large marks which can be viewed at a distance. These temperature indicating liquids are widely used for monitoring critical temp