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VERTICAL VINYL gives you a great way to save surface-space in your living room, office or dorm room with its wall-mount design. A fun, new way to experience your records, VERTICAL VINYL will also impress your friends and guests by defying gravity when playing records sideways! Instantly listen to your music using the built-in speaker with volume control. Play any record you own by choosing between 33 or 45 RPM platter speeds and using the 45 adaptor included with VERTICAL VINYL. VERTICAL VINYL


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When finished, songs go straight into iTunes1 3. Use iTunes to create playlists, organize your music, listen to your songs on the computer or transfer to your iPod. i \ ■ ttoJH Pre „ lUtton "’«into *’*• OC:Mvs Wording track; , converting your music collection has NEVER BEEN EASIER! Preserve your most memorable music favorites to digital media, such as CDs, hard disk, or portable media devices. The ION TTUSB10 sports a sleek design and includes easy-to-use audio recording software for yo


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Netzkabel: Das Netzkabel sollten Sie erst an einer Steckdose anschlie.en, NACHDEM Sie alle Audioverbindungen hergestellt haben. 2. RCA Audioausgangskabel: Die Kabel schlie.en Sie an einen CD- oder Aux LINE-Eingang an, den Sie an Ihrem Receiver, HiFi-System oder anderem Verstarkersystem finden. WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Die RCA Kabel fuhren einen LINE Pegel. Schlie.en Sie diese Kabel nur an LINE- Pegel Eingange an. Wenn Sie einen Linepegel an PHONO-Eingange anschlie.en, konnten Sie Ihren Receiver bescha


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3. Legen Sie den Plattenteller wieder auf die Zentralnabe und drehen Sie ihn, bis Sie durch das Loch im Plattenteller die Motorennabe sehen konnen. Greifen Sie nun in das Loch, ziehen Sie den Antriebsriemen vom inneren Ring ab und schieben Sie ihn wie abgebildet uber die Motornabe. Achten Sie bei diesem Schritt darauf, den Riemen nicht zu verdrehen. 4. Befestigen Sie zuletzt den Clip wieder auf der Zentralnabe, um den Plattenteller zu arretieren. KONVERTIERUNG IHRER 78RPM SCHALLPLATTEN Zur Konve


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When finished, songs go straight into iTunes1 3. Use iTunes to create playlists, organize your music, listen to your songs on the computer or transfer to your iPod. UNPACK YOUR RECORD COLLECTION! ION has created a revolutionary USB turntable allowing you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 with included recording software. The ION TTUSB also features a switchable phono/line level output for connecting to any home stereo with an AUX input. In addition to converting viny


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The complete set contains all the pads and foot pedals you need for playing drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds; a sound module with 108 realistic sounds, and a pair of drumsticks,. Sound Session has soft, rubber drum and cymbal-pad surfaces for natural feel. Velocity sensitivity accurately responds to quieter and louder playing with corresponding changes in volume. Sound Session has a flexible drum-sound module with 108 high-quality drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. When it’s time to rock o


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The best of both worlds. With QUICK PLAY LP, just one cable gets the job done as you turn your record collection into MP3s. Simply connect QUICK PLAY LP to your Mac or PC with the included USB cable, and you're ready to transfer. No power adapter needed! ION's exclusive EZ Converter software guides you through the easy-to-follow steps as you transform your LP records into MP3s on your computer. You can listen, add them to your iPod or other MP3 player, and record them on a CD! Capture the mus


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This cutting-edge turntable allows you to simultaneously listen to your vinyl LPs and convert them to uncompressed .WAV files to retain every sonic detail of the original recording. The conversion process is simple, straightforward and fun. The best part is that you have complete flexibility to convert your music with, or without, a computer! Quickly convert and carry your new .WAV files anywhere by recording vinyl directly to a USB memory stick with QUICK PLAY FLASH's built-in USB input port, c


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(Beachten Sie bitte: Sie konnen auch dann noch Musik auf Ihren Computer kopieren, wenn die Audioausgange des Gerates nicht mit Ihrer Stereoanlage verbunden sind). 3. 3,5 mm Klinkeneingang: Schlie.en Sie Ihr Kassettendeck oder andere Audioquellen hier an. Das hier eingehende Eingangssignal wird uber USB an Ihren Computer gesendet. Passen Sie darauf auf, Ihre RCA Kabel mit Ihrem Lautsprecher-System sind und keinen Kontakt zu metallischen Gegenstanden haben. 4. USB Audio Ausgang: Mit dem beiliegend


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PRO SESSION gives you great feeling gum-rubber drum pads and real, swinging cymbal pads, all of which mount on the heavy-duty metal drum rack. Sounds come courtesy of PRO SESSION DRUMS' drum-sound module with drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds built in. FEATURES • High-quality drum set • Drum pads with soft, gum rubber playing surfaces • Swinging cymbal pads • Drum-sound module with collection of internal sounds Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. For more inf