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You must read these instructions prior to using the For more information on our exciting product range ring Creda Answer Centre 08701 54 64 74 OR Visit us on the NET at General Domestic Appliances Ltd. Morley Way Peterborough PE2 9JB Creda Answer Centre 08701 54 64 74 Web It may be necessary from time to time to change the specification outlined in this booklet without notice. Any change which is made will not affect your statutory rights. Our site invites you to make use of our interactive cook

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Replace if necessary. Problem: Machine fills, but fill is weak. 1. Low incoming water pressure. Verify that incoming water pressure during fill is 20 ±5 PSI. 2. Incoming water solenoid is clogged. Verify that debris is not entrapped in valve. If so, remove debris. Problem: Low wash tank temperature. 1. Low incoming water temperature. Verify that the incoming water temperature matches what is indicated on the machine data plate. 2. Heater not energizing. Verify that the wash tank heater is operat

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Place the power switch in the OFF position, secure the flow to the machine and open the door(s). Open the drain valves and allow the machine to drain completely. Remove the pawl bar assembly (clean as required). Remove the pan strainers and, if equipped, the prewash strainers, run off sheets and scrap basket strainer. Remove the wash and, if equipped, the prewash arms and verify that the nozzles and arms are free from obstructions. Flush the arms with fresh water. Remove the pump suction straine

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The contents may be damaged in transit due to rough handling even though the carton may not show external damage. If it is found that the shipment has concealed damage, PLEASE DO NOT RETURN IT TO JACKSON, but notify the carrier (within 48 hours) asking them to send their agent to fill out an inspection report. Save the cartons so he may inspect them and be sure to note in the report any black marks, creases, tears, crushed corners or any other marks indicating rough handling. Also, notify your J

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Ambient Temperature -30 - 15°F 16 - 50°F 51 - 95°F 51 - 95°F 96 - 131°F 96 - 131°F Final Stage Worm Speed1 up to 2000 FPM up to 2000 FPM up to 450 FPM above 450 FPM up to 450 FPM above 450 FPM ISO Viscosity Grade 220 460 680 460 680 460 AGMA Lubricant No. 5S #7 Compounded #8 Compounded #7 Compounded 8S 7S Mobil SHC 630 600W Super Extra Hecla Super 600W Super SHC 636 SHC 634 Cylinder Cylinder American Lubricants SHC-90W AGMA #7 Gear Oil AGMA #8 Gear Oil AGMA #7 Gear Oil N/A N/A Castrol Tribol 800

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From gas booster heater. Interconnecting hose provided by manufacturer. G - 3/4" NPT 140°F Water inlet for gas booster heater. H - 3/4" NPT 180°F Water Outlet connection to line on dishmachine. Connection hose provided by manufacturer. J - 3/4" NPT Gas Connection K - 4" OD Vent pipe connection. Flue to be installed to meet local codes by installing contractor. Note: All vertical dimensions are +/- 1/2" from floor due to adjustable bullet feet. 601 4 [1530mm] 1 [25mm] 661 4 [1684mm] 4" (102 mm) w

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Ensure that the exhaust system is acceptable in accordance with all applicable codes and standards. NOTE: Any damage that is caused by steam or moisture due to improper ventilation is NOT covered under the warranty. This units covered in this manual have the following exhaust requirements: Load End: 200 CFM Unload End: 400 CFM The exhaust system must be sized to handle this volume for the dishmachine to operate as it was designed to. Incoming Power Connection AJ-44T Series Technical Manual 7610-

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Shipped with Cover Plate. 44 [1121mm] Base Unit Prewash 36 [914mm] 96 [2441mm] 80 [2035mm] Front View 751 2 [1921mm] 601 4 [1529mm] 623 4 [1592mm] 29 [735mm] 101 10 [254mm] 4 [260mm] 6 [152mm] G A B 41 [1042mm] C 231 2 [598mm] 24 [611mm] G 42 [1069mm] 4 [102mm] Drive Unit F D E 8 [203mm] 41 [1041mm] 38 [965mm] 7 [178mm] Right Side Legend A - Machine water inlet 3/4" NPT, 180°F Hi-temp,140°F Low-temp minimum B - Electrical connection C - Drain connection 1-1/2" NPT D - Vent collar - Optional E -

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Note: All vertical dimensions are +/- 1/2" from floor due to adjustable bullet feet. 1 [25mm] Drive Unit Front View 751 2 [1919mm] 621 2 [1590mm] 29 [737mm] 6 [152mm] 10 [254mm] C A B 4 [102mm] 7 [178mm] D E 8 [203mm] 42 [1067mm] 41 [1041mm] 24 [610mm] 101 4 [260mm] F 24 [610mm] G 231 2 [599mm] 601 4 [1530mm] 661 4 [1684mm] Floor Sink Or Drain With 3" (76 mm) Minimum Drain Line 25 [635mm] 4 1/2 [114mm] 81 4 [210mm] 21 [533mm] B A F Table to Table Overall Prewash Plan View Section with Cold Water

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You must contact the carrier within 48 hours of receiving the machine. Also, contact the dealer through which you purchased the unit. UNPACKING THE DISHMACHINE: The machine should be unboxed and removed from shipping pallet prior to being installed. Open the front door and remove all of the packing materials. Once unpacked, ensure that there are no missing parts from the machine. This may not be obvious at first. If it is discovered that an item is missing, contact Jackson immediately. LEVEL THE