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To activate either button, simply press on the areas indicated above. c Voice Activity Sensor d Earbud e Earloop The medium sized earloop and earbud are already fitted to your Jawbone at the factory. 1 Charging ' • You can charge your Jawbone headset via the wall charger, or via USB on your computer. • Place the Jawbone headset in the socket with the jawbone logo facing upward. • Charge the battery fully on first use. • Charge time 50 minutes. • 80% charge after 35 minutes. • Indicator

Jawbone Icon

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This indicates that the Jawbone is ready to connect (pairing mode). 1.2 PREPARE YOUR PHONE Turn on the Bluetooth® settings. ON AN IPHONE® Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > and enable bluetooth® ON A BLACKBERRY® Go to SETTINGS/OPTIONS > BLUETOOTH > and enable BLUETOOTH® OTHER CELL PHONES Go to JAWBONE.COM/PAIRING or review the instruction manual that came with your phone LED 1.3 MAKE THE CONNECTION Go to your phone’s Bluetooth® settings. ADD OR SEARCH FOR DEVICES When “Jawbone ICON” appear