Keiser Standing Hip Air 300

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2. Each member should wipe off their own sweat after each class with a soft towel (their towel) or cloth. 3. Check and retorque the screw holding the crank arm to the axle and the pedals. The torque for both is 35 ft-lbs (47Nm) 4. Thoroughly inspect each cycle to make sure it is in safe and proper working order. Pay particular attention to loose screws, nuts & bolts, crank arms, pedals, pedal cages, handlebar, saddle, T-Handle adjustments, worn pedal straps, etc. 5. Clean with warm water and a s

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When you have adjusted the housing, tighten the nut on top of the valve, so that the housing does not move. position housing on valve 10-5508 Rev A 7 Service Department (800) 888-7009 Next, remove the compression nut that connects the hose to the valve. Replace it with the original compression nut, attach the hose, and tighten the compression nut finger tight. Take the . inch wrench and rotate the nut . to . turn. Attach the second hose to the plastic elbow by using the needle nose pliers to pus

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Only the highest quality products have the KEISER name on them. WORD DEFINITIONS SAFETY CAUTIONS and WARNINGS: We've put a number of safety cautions in this book. We use the word Caution! to tell you about things that could cause bodily injury to persons on or around the equipment if you were to ignore the following instructions and the word Warning! to ensure the proper installation of components and that the instructions are followed for the safety of the users and for maximum machine life or