Kettler VITO XL 07861-690

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¦ Tragen Sie bei der Benutzung geeignetes Schuhwerk (Sportschuhe). ¦ Alle elektrischen Gerate senden beim Betrieb elektromagnetische Strahlung aus. Achten Sie darauf, besonders strahlungsintensive Gerate (z. B. Handys) nicht in direkter Nahe des Cockpits oder der Steuerungselektronik abzustellen, da sonst Anzeigewerte verfalscht werden konnten (z. B. Pulsmessung). gen. Sollte es Anla. fur Beanstandungen geben, wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren Fachhandler. D D ¦ Sehen Sie sich die Zeichnungen in Ru

Kettler VITO XL 07861-600

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¦ Beschadigte Bauteile konnen Ihre Sicherheit und die Lebensdauer des Gerates beeintrachtigen. Tauschen Sie deshalb beschadigte oder verschlissene Bauteile sofort aus und entziehen Sie das Gerat bis zur Instandsetzung der Benutzung. Verwenden Sie im Bedarfsfall nur Original KETTLER-Ersatzteile. ¦ Fuhren Sie ca. alle 1 bis 2 Monate eine Kontrolle aller Gerateteile, insbesondere der Schrauben und Muttern durch. Dies gilt insbesondere fur die Griffbugel- und Trittplattenbefestigung sowie Lenker und

Kettler Vito XL

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With the oversized, easy to read LCD display, the Vito XL is full of features usually found on more expensive models. The 45 lbs flywheel ensures an exceptionally smooth and even and elliptical sequence of movements. The hand pulse sensors provide continuous heart rate data while the training computer offers a recovery feature along with various other settings to aid in the most rigorous training programs. KETTLER iC2 6e:HZ¡S8 Training computer with recovery feature include settings for total

Kettler VERSO TX3

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Place the contact surface next to your skin directly under your heart to pick up the pulse signals from your heart. The heart rate transmitter strap is an optional purchase and not included with this treadmill. To use the contact heart rate, place your hands gently but firmly around the contact se n so rs on th e h an dl eb ars. № vernents i n t he ha nd s may cau se d ifficu It y for the treadmill to pick up the signal properly. When signal is picked up, the LED light next to the pulse display

Kettler VERSO TX1

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If you experience chest pans, nausea, dizzness or shortness of breath, STOP exercising and consult your physician before contriuiig. Congratulations on choosing a state-of-the-art treadmill. You have taken the first step to a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle. This treadmill is especially designed to give you reliable performance and enjoyable workouts in the comfort of your home. Please find below the features and benefits of this treadmill. O Compact frame to take up less space and

Kettler Syncross V3

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With elliptical trainers, you receive the benefits of weight bearing exercises such as jogging or running without the wear and tear on joints, because your feet never leave the footplates! Not only do elliptical trainers provide a great and effective cardiovascular workout but they also offer superior fat burning benefits, even more than a treadmill. Another benefit of elliptical trainers is that you are working out all four limbs equally, so you don’t have to concentrate on a specific muscle gr

Kettler Speed Pro

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onic computer with Heart Rate Monitor Water Bottle included SPEED PRO • Adjustable multi-position rubberized hygienic handle bars • Shoe Brake Resistance System with continuous adjustments • Quick Adjust™ vertical & horizontal Selle Royal® racing saddle, stem and seat post • Durable galvanized spinning frame with low step through, transport castors, levelers and cage/SPD pedals • Ribbed belt drive system includes 40lbs balanced and chrome plated flywheel • Industrial strength, sealed bear

Kettler Racer GT

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RACER G¥ KETTLER môîiS: iS S8 KETTLER Adjustable multi-position padded drop bars, triathlon bars and palm grips Quick Adjust™ vertical & horizontal gel racing saddle, stem and seat post Sturdy, powder coated extra narrow frame with low step through, transport castors, levelers and cage/SPD pedals Poly-V ribbed belt drive system includes 40lbs balanced flywheel with High Quality Drive with Safety Freewheeling Balanced Magnetic-Brake System™ guarantees smooth resistance and a challenging

Kettler R-400 ROWER 7976-400

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This Limited Warranty is void if the product is damaged by accident, unreasonable use, improper service, failure to follow instructions provided, modification from its original state, or other causes determined not arising out of defects in material. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Should this product become defective due to material within the warranty period, contact KETTLER® Parts & Service Dept. by phone at 866.804.0440, fax at 757.563.9273, or e-mail at parts@ kettlerusa.com.

Kettler R-400 ROWER 7976-300

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UP / DOWN: To press these two buttons through available selection. To adjust the function value upward and downward. ENTER: To confirm your selection. During training, press the button to scan each display function. START / STOP: To start and stop your selected workout program. RESET: To reset the computer back to the main menu. RECOVERY: To activate the RECOVERY PROGRAM that will automatically evaluate your fitness immediately after your work out. .FUNCTIONS. TIME: Preset target time by pressin