Kicker ZX2500.1

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Halten Sie das RCA Kabel von allen anderen Kabeln fern. Sollten sich die Kabel kreuzen, achten Sie darauf, da. dies im 90 Grad Winkel erfolgt. Installieren Sie die versorgte au.erliche Sicherung innerhalb 45cm vom Verstarker und im Linie mit dem Netzkabel. Installieren Sie eine zusatzliche Sicherung innerhalb 45cm von der Batterie und im Linie mit dem Netzkabel, das zu Ihrem Verstarker verbunden wird. Diese ZX Serie mono Verstarker liefern Kilowatt der Kraft. Wir empfehlen einen Wechselstromgene

Kicker ZX100.2

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Amplifier Serial Number: __________________________ Installation 1. Mounting Choose a structurally sound location to mount your Kicker amplifier. Make sure there are no items behind the area where the screws will be driven. Choose a location that allows at least 4” (10cm) of open ventilation for the amplifier. If possible, mount the amplifier in the climate-controlled passenger compartment. Drill four holes using a 7/64” (3mm) bit and use the supplied #8 screws to mount the amplifier. 2. Wiring

Kicker VCVR10

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These installations instructions will help you get the most out of your new KICKER sub. Thanks for buying KICKER. Enjoy! Installation Instructions VCVR Series vented enclosures combine KICKER’s CompVR subwoofer with computer designed and human-fine-tuned enclosures. They offer a level of bass performance never before thought possible from a commercially available enclosure. The VCVR Series enclosures are covered in carpet for protection and pre-loaded with a CompVR woofer. The location and orien

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To adhere itself to the illustrations for the connections. (FR) Impédance acceptable minimale 2 ohms. Pour s'adhérer aux illustrations pour les raccordements. (IT) Minima Impedenza accettabile 2 ohm. Attenersi alle illustrazioni per i collegamenti (D) Minimaler annehmbarer Widerstand 2 Ohm. Sich die Abbildungen für die Anschlüsse befolgen. (SP) Impedancia aceptable mínima 2 ohmios. Para adherirse a las ilustraciones para las conexiones. 4or2ohm 4or2ohm Speakers output Im 4ohm or2ohm speakers

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t % c Q=D(Mll @01= ■CH (u! (u) »™ Ml IE 1 32 u O -± oN) +12V GND REM E Low Level Input Fuse K Gain Controll E 12V (DC) power terminal E Low pass switch ¿6 Remote terminal Low pass cutting adjustment GND terminal S Multiplayer x1/x10 switch for Low section + Left channel terminal (+ MONO) S' Steroe Mono input selector S - Left channel terminal E EBC (External Bass Control) + Rigth channel terminal H EBC ON/OFF switch - Rigth channel terminal (- MONO) s Multiplayer

Kicker IK500

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Choose the dock adapter that best fits your iPod or use the universal adapter that came with your iPod. See the table below. 2. Attach the adapter to the iK500’s docking bay. 3. Connect your iPod to the iK500’s dock connector. 4. Plug the power cable into the DC input on the back of the iK500. 5. Plug the 2-prong electrical plug into a surge protected electrical outlet. The Kicker iKICK iK500 Stereo System for iPod is designed for “Livin’ Loud” with your iPod in the home environment. The iK500 i