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Page 8 KOBALT. Electric Compressors ..@ Model K7580V2 Shown Here as an Example Illustration Part Description Single Stage Single Stage Two Slage Number K7060V KTO6OHF'V K7580V2 1 Compressor Pump B3800 NS18S B5900 2 Air Filter 2281000 FS008 5281000 3 Electric Motor M182711 M182711 M182703 4 Safety Valve 1400110 1400110 SV25200 5 Pressure Switch PSMDR21130 PSMDR21130 PSMDR21KCIF 6 Tank Gauge 1400111 1400111 1400111 7 Tank Drain FIB02DC FIB02DC FIB02DC 8 Check Valve CV21 CV21 CV21 9 Discharge Tube

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NEVER attempt torepair or modify a tank! Welding, drilling or any other modification will weaken the tank resulting in damage from rupture or explosion. Always replace worn, cracked or damaged tanks. 3. Clean electrical equipment with an approved cleaning agent, such as a dry, non-flammable cleaning solvent. Daily Check oil level at sight glass. Drain moisture from tank. Verify the pressure switch unloader is working by listening for a brief hissing sound when the compressor shuts off. V_sually

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0305 Printed In USA PAGE 1 Safety Guidelines -Definitions Before Using the Air Compressor 2 When Installing or Moving the Compressor Before Each Use 3 Follow Safety Precautions for Electrical Connection Plan Ahead to Protect Your Eyes, Hands, Face & Ears When Operating 4 Spraying Precautions Perform These Maintenance Operations 5 Warning Labels Glossary 6 Wiring Starting the Compressor 7-8 Troubleshooting 9-13 Parts 14 Warranty Statement Safety is a combination of common sense, staying alert and