Life Fitness Wireless Cadence Meter Pilot II

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LeMond, RevMaster, and Pilot are registered trademarks of LeMond Fitness in the United States and other countries. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ! WARNING BEFORE BEGINNING THIS OR ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN. Certain exercises, programs, or types of equipment may not be appropriate for all individuals, especially if you are above 40 years of age, and/or have pre-existing health, and/or orthopedic medical conditions. Your physician can help you deter

Life Fitness Video Gaming Accessories

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When in editing mode, select the custom workout that has already been defined and press Enter to view “interval 1” and its previously defined settings. When viewing “interval 1” use the arrows to modify the current defined settings or press Enter to move to “interval 2”. This sequence will continue until all 24 intervals are set and then the message center will display “Workout Saved”. How to Use Goal Workouts Access Goal Workouts by pressing the Goal Workouts Key. Upon pressing the Goal Workout


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Life Fitness is not responsible for the installation of CATV service or components required for the delivery of CATV service. An external TV signal input via a 75-ohm coaxial cable must be present before TV setup can occur. The Engage Console that is serial coded “DLB” for U.S. markets is powered by two external power supplies: a 36-volt DC power supply and a 12-volt DC power supply. “DLB” coded units have a Digital TV Tuner (NTSC/ATSC/QAM). Note: The Engage Console that is serial coded “ANN &

Life Fitness U70

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Connect it to the wire tie coming from the bottom of the console mast. Pull the wire tie and wire harness up through the top of the console mast while simultaneously sliding the mast into the frame bracket. • Secure the mast to the frame using six lock washers (M8) and six bolts (M8xl5L). Tighten with the 5mm T-shaped wrench. Place the seventh bolt (M8xl5L) in the rear of the frame bracket and tighten until snug. • Slide the console mast boot down and set it in place on the side cover. • Remo

Life Fitness TRAINER 9500

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Align the TRANSFORMER LINE CORD with the CABLE TIE CLAMP leaving a small loop in the cord at the TRANSFORMER PLUG. Guide a REUSABLE CABLE TIE through the the CABLE TIE CLAMP and around the TRANSFORMER LINE CORD (Detail ‘C'). Tighten the CABLE TIE CLAMP around the TRANSFORMER LINE CORD. NOTE: DO NOT TRIM CABLE TIES Step 4 Apply the two reusable cable ties to combine the TRANSFORMER LINE CORD and the PC COMMUNICATIONS CABLE as shown in Figure A. Route the combined cables over the top of the fro


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To change the default, press the UP or DOWN ARROW key for the desired value. Press ENTER to select the new value or setting. To exit Optional Settings, press the CLEAR key repeatedly until the MESSAGE CENTER displays “SELECT WORKOUT USING ARROW KEYS OR PRESS QUICK START”. USER LANGUAGE SELECT If enabled, this option allows users to select the language by which to interact with the unit during a workout. To use the option, enable User Language Select (see below). Begin pedalling. The console will

Life Fitness T650

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This visually stimulating display features CardioAdvisor™ and multiple feedback options. cs: 866.709.1750 800.709.1400 WlAiV ¥ I FITNESS

Life Fitness T5

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Беговая дорожка T3/T5 сочетает в себе передовые технологии и современный дизайн. Занятия на этом тренажере в уютной домашней обстановке помогут Вам приобрести хорошую физическую форму и укрепить сердечно-сосудистую системы. Уверены, что данная модель удовлетворит всем Вашим запросам! Прежде чем начать пользоваться тренажером изучите настоящее руководство и сохраните его для дальнейшегоиспользования. Это поможет быстро настроить тренажер для занятий и использовать его правильнои безопасно. Сохран

Life Fitness Summit Trainer 95Le 95Li

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Multiple body positions target different muscle groups so users can achieve different training intensities. Quick strides, deep lunges and everything in between. With user-defined stride lengths up to 26 inches, exceptional range of motion and synchronized moving arms, exercisers can control seamless variations in speed and intensity while fluidly targeting different muscle groups. It's the ultimate in versatility, responsiveness and motivational variety. VARIETY KEEPS YOU ON TRACK IN SYNC WI

Life Fitness Strength 9000 Series ST05

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The 14 notch front/back striker plate is black and was implemented first quarter 2001. Notched striker plate to be installed on seat post such that it is on the same side as the lever handle. NOTE: The Seat Guide is welded to the frame. Shown separately for illustration purposes only. BILL OF MATERIALS Item No. Qty. Part Number Description 1 1 ST05-S0011-0000 Seat post assembly 2 1 0 K50- P0547-0000 Front striker p ate {14 notch) 3 1 0 K50- P0548-0000 Back striker plate 4 4 0017-00101