LiftMaster RSW12VH

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Models HTRKITRSL (for Slide operator, includes bracket for optimal 7AH battery location) and G6518SL (Slide replacement heater only) Models HTRKITRSW (for Swing operator, includes bracket for optimal heater location) and G6518CSW (Swing replacement heater only) OPEN CLOSE LOOP DETECTOR Low power loop detectors. Model LD7LP OPEN CLOSE MOUNTING STAND For Model RSL Slide. Ideal to raise slide operator higher above the ground for snow and other applications. Model MSLM for Slide ONLY ACCESSORIES 5 P

LiftMaster RSW12V

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A second 7AH (29-NP712) battery (A12330SGLPK) may be used in place of the 7AH batteries. The batteries properly. DRIVE CHAIN (SLIDE ONLY) Over time, the drive chain on the operator either of the two chain eye bolts. NOTE: The chain should have no more than 1 inch of sag for every 10 feet of chain length. 3 ACCESSORIES 7 ENTRAPMENT PROTECTION DEVICES THE PROTECTOR SYSTEM ® PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS The photoelectric sensors are designed to detect an obstacle in the path of the electronic beam and sto

LiftMaster RSL12VH

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If a contact sensor detects an obstruction twice consecutively the alarm will sound (up to 5 minutes) and the operator will need to be reset. The gate does not meet specifications. Debris is on the gate's track such as mud, rocks, dirt, etc. (Slide Only) The gate has one or more broken axles or wheels. (Slide Only) The gate wheel is off the gate rail. (Slide Only) The gate is hitting a wall or vehicle. NOTE: In dual gate applications the reset switch/button must be toggled/pressed on the primary

LiftMaster RSL12V

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RSL12V ™ & RSL12VH ™ RSW12V ™ & RSW12VH ™ Installation Date Please contact your authorized LiftMaster dealer for all of your service needs. OPEN RESET SWITCH/BUTTON The reset switch/button is located on the front of the operator and serves several functions. OPERATION Thank you for purchasing a LiftMaster gate operator. Our operators are designed to meet or exceed UL325 safety standards and requirements and are quality manufactured for years of safe and reliable service. Think LiftMaster for all