Link electronic PCR-8200

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37 Minutes S-VCD .. 18 Minutes DVD in CDDVD .. Playback on PC .. RS-232 Control .. Audio Input Level L & R Adjust FEATURES .. Record on CD-R or CD-RW .. Playback on CD-R or CD-RW .. 98 Images on DVD Photo .. 74 Minutes VCD .. Audio Output Level L & R Adjust The PCR-8200 Video Disk Recorder will Record audio/video with DVD resolution onto CD-R or RW in real-time. The PCR-8200 is a stand-alone unit that does not require a connection to a personal computer. The unit will record video/audio onto a C

Link electronic LEI-547

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18 BIT DAC .. AES-EBU Audio DA .. Stand-alone .. Four Outputs AES3-ID .. Two Stereo Analog Outputs .. Error Detection .. Transformer Coupled Digital I/O .. FP Select BNC/Terminal Input .. Monitoring Distribution The LEI-547 accepts either AES3-1992 or AES3ID inputs and provides a total of four outputs of digital audio to AES3-ID specifications. In addition, it provides two sets of balanced low impedance analog outputs. Transformer coupled digital inputs and outputs are standard to eliminate the

Link electronic AES/EBU DIGITAL AUDIO DA LEI-540

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Transformer coupled inputs and outputs are standard to eliminate the possibility of ground loops. Captive screw terminal blocks are used for the AES3-1992 input/outputs while BNC’s are used for the AES3-ID connections. A front panel switch selects between BNC and screw terminal, (AES3-ID, AES3-1992). Sample rate LED’s show three rates, 48KHz, 44.1KHz and 32KHz. An error detection LED indicates any errors on the incoming signal. An AC power switch on the front panel allows the user to turn the u