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Milton Z-Chuk™ (DANSK) -Obtain a Return Authorization Number from Mad Catz Technical Support concernant l’utilisation du systeme Nintendo Wii. Z-Chuk™ (ESPANOL) Keynes, MK5 6LB, United Kingdom. Mad Catz, Z-Chuk y el logotipo de Mad -Ship the product to Mad Catz at your expense for service Catz son marcas comerciales o marcas comerciales registradas de Mad Catz, -Enclose a copy of the original sales receipt showing a purchase date GARANTIE LIMITEE de 5 ans Gracias por adquirir el Z-Chuk de Mad Ca


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Thank you for purchasing the RadioShack Playstation to USB Game Adapter. The adapter connects a Sony Play Station (PS) controller to your personal computer through the USB connection, so you can use it with PC game software which requires a steering wheel, joystick, or joypad. • The adapter uses 4 axes, 12 buttons, and 1POV to support the four PSX modes — Digital, Analog, Analog Joystick, and Negcon controller. • It supports the controller’s plug-and-play capability and manual adjusting modes. •

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Ignition L.R All rights reserved. Gigaware is a registered trademark used by Ignition L.R Xbox 360 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. o Turn < Printed 06A09 in China 26-1438

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Package contents • Recharge Station • AC Adapter • Battery Pack with Cover (4) • User’s Guide • Quick Start Features • Fully charges in just 4 hours • Up to 15 hours of play time per pack • Indicator lights blue when battery packs are fully charged. 1 Insert rechargable battery pack Optional: Install rechargable battery pack into your Wii™. 1. Remove the battery compartment cover and batteries from your original Wii™ remote. 2. Place your rechargeable battery pack into the Wii™ remote battery co

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Ignition L.R All rights reserved. Gigaware is a registered trademark used by Ignition L.P Nintendo and Wii are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. This product is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by Nintendo. (î) Replace the original battery pack ¡¡ggf 11 Connect power See the User's Guide for complete instructions. Printed 07A09 in China 26-1429


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#-3 Displays number of occupied memory locations. #-4 Displays first available memory location. #-5 Displays firmware version number. STAR (*) KEY OPEN BUTTON Prevents selected transmitter from activating the access relay but does not remove it from memory. MOUNT RECEIVER USING THE FOUR SCREWS PROVIDED 1. Mount receiver in an area protected from the elements. 2. If using the local whip antenna, the higher the receiver is mounted, the better the radio range will be. 3. Optionally, mount the recei

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Be sure to register your product online at and check out our full line of other quality video game accessories. GENERAL SETUP A) AirCharge Inductive Charger Insert one end of AC Adapter into any available wall socket andopposite end of Adapter into the slot on the back of the AirChargeInductive Charger (hereafter AIC). B) Power Pak 1. Remove the battery cover and batteries from your Wii Remote. 2. Affix the rechargeable Power Pak into the Wii Remote’s battery compartment. BATTERY CHARGING NOTE:

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Halten Sie einen ausreichend gro.en Abstand zuWasser (ca. 80 cm), z. B. in Schwimmbecken, in Badewannen oder Waschbecken. - Um elektrischen Schock zu vermeiden, nehmen Sie das Gerat nicht auseinander. Das Gerat darf nur von qualifiziertem Personal gewartet werden. - Sichern Sie alle Kabel, damit Personen nicht auf sie treten oder uber sie stolpern konnen. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die Kabel nicht eingeklemmt oder beschadigt werden. -Wickeln Sie die Kabel nicht um Korperteile von Personen. - Fu

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26-445 8 Fire Button Digital Gamepad Your RadioShack 8 Fire Button Digital Gamepad lets you take control of the latest computer games! The gamepad’s long cable makes it easy to use it with your computer. The gamepad’s advanced features include: Thumb-Control Pad — allows precise control in eight directions. Eight Control Buttons — give you the flexibility you need to play games with multiple controls. Master Turbo/Automatic Fire Selector — lets you fire a continuous or single high-speed blast. C