Millet Sights TRS-2

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It’s best to adjust the range focus for the best image and no parallax. Parallax can be seen if the crosshairs move from the point-of-aim, when you shift your eye from side-to-side or up-and-down while looking through the scope. This will effect accuracy at longer ranges. Zoom ring On the TRS-1 you have a Zoom Ring that allows you to adjust the magnification of the scope for differing shooting conditions. The scope is variable from 4X to 16X power. The Mil-Dotbar is set to be 1 mil at 10X on the

Millet Sights TRS-1

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Mounting Mounting your scope properly is important to the accuracy and durability of your firearm and scope. Proper mounting assures that the scope is aligned to the barrel and the scope is rigged to the rifle for accuracy. We recommend using the Millett Picatinny rail and Millett Angle-Loc ™ rings. Using the base and ring combination that you have chosen, make sure mounting screws for the base are firmly tightened. On most bolt action rifles, 50 to 60 inch pounds is suitable for the torque. Loc