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To put the tablet in sleep mode, press and release the power button . To wake up the tablet from sleep mode, press the power button again. Tip The power button blinks when in sleep mode. Getting Started with the Motion® J3500 Tablet PC Locking and unlocking To lock and unlock your tablet, press the Security button on the right side of the tablet. It’s equivalent to pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Using the pen An important difference between traditional PCs and tablet PCs is that you frequently use a

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Statuslampchen Grun: Der Tablet PC ist angedockt. Aus: Der Tablet PC ist nicht angedockt. Gelb: Ersatzakku im Akkuschacht wird geladen Grun: Ersatzakku ist geladen Aus: Ersatzakku ist nicht in Dockingstation eingesetzt Dockingstation Einsetzen und Entnehmen des Tablet PCs Sie konnen den Tablet PC ganz einfach in die Dockingstation einsetzen und ihn wieder entnehmen. So setzen Sie den Tablet PC ein • Setzen Sie den Tablet PC vorsichtig in die Dockingstation ein. Der Tablet PC rastet ein, wenn er

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To check the battery gauge • Locate the gauge on the back of the battery and press the button. The indicator lights show the remaining charge. Each light represents approximately 20% of the total charge. Press 36 Chapter 3 Using the system Charging the battery When the system is connected to AC power, the battery automatically charges until it reaches full charge, whether the unit is on or off. For information about the battery status light on the front of the unit, see “Status lights” on page 1

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When the Motion Computing splash screen appears, tap the screen with the pen. On the TrustedCore menu, tap Password Options. If you miss the splash screen, restart the computer and try again. 2. In the Password Options window, enter a password using the on-screen keyboard. Enter the password again to confirm it. 3. Do one of the following: • If you want to require a password every time the computer starts, select the Enable password on boot option. • If you want to require a password only to sta

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VOUS POUVEZ EGALEMENT BENEFICIER D’AUTRES DROITS POUVANT VARIER EN FONCTION DE L’ETAT OU DU PAYS. IL EST CONSEILLE DE CONSULTER LA LEGISLATION EN VIGUEUR DES ETATS OU DES PAYS POUR DETERMINER L’ETENDUE DE VOS DROITS. Transfert de garantie vers un autre pays Motion ne saurait etre tenue pour responsable des taxes de manutention ou des droits a l’importation encourus lors du transfert des produits. La legislation de controle des exportations des Etats-Unis et d’autres pays peuvent s’appliquer aux

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All rights reserved. This document contains information protected by copyright. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without written consent from Motion. The information in this document is provided “as is” and is subject to change without notice. Motion is not liable for errors or omissions in this document. Motion, Motion Computing, Speak Anywhere, and View Anywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motion Computing, Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. Bluetooth

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Touch works like a mouse. Tap to select an item and double- tap to open it. tip To open a right-click menu using touch, press your finger on the display until a swirl appears, then lift your finger and the shortcut menu appears. Calibrate the pen and your finger so that they can be detected more accurately on the touchscreen display. You should do so when you first start using the tablet PC and when the pointer doesn’t align with your pen or finger. To start the application, open the Motion Dash

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• Avoid exposing the display to direct sunlight for long periods of time. View Anywhere display • Clean fingerprints and most marks from the display surface by wiping it with the soft cloth (provided). Do not spray or pour liquids directly onto the display surface itself. Do not use an abrasive cleaner on the display. If liquid is spilled on the display, wipe it up immediately. For more information, see “Cleaning in a health care environment” on page 49. • If needed, clean with any alcohol-based