MVOX electronic MV900

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Function Modes and Compatibility 2 3. Charging 3 4. Turning on the MV900 3 5. Basic operations 3 6. Headset mode (Privacy mode) 3 7. Using as a USB Speakerphone 3 8. Using with Desktop Phones 3 9. Using as a Bluetooth Speakerphone with Cell Phones 4 1) Pair with a Bluetooth Cell phone 4 2) Connect MV900 to your Cell Phone 4 10. Operations in Bluetooth mode 5 1) Receive and reject an incoming call 5 2) Hang up a call 5 3) Transfer a call from or to Cell Phone 5 11. Using the Voice Command Recogni

MVOX electronic miniVox-MV100

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The miniVox is a user-friendly speaker and microphone combination unit that allows you to have clear conversations through your internet connection, whether you're at home, at work, or on the road. A headset jack is available for private conversations. The DSP-enabled built-in echo cancellation and noise suppression will allow natural and smooth conversations with your friends and family. Simply plug the USB connector into a computer with internet connection, connect the miniVox, and you're rea