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Tipo: Caja registradora electronica con impresora termica pinza con 10 categorias de mercaderia, 99 departamentos, 15 cajeros, hasta 2.000 entradas de PLU y diario electronico de 7.200 lineas Pantallas: Dos Pantallas cajero y cliente alfanumericas de 10 caracteres. Visualizacion de simbolos para error, cambio, subtotal, menos, total, valor divisa extranjera, memoria del diario electronico casi llena o llena, numero de departamento y recuento de articulos Capacidad: Introduccion y lectura de 8 di

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FUR DIE LANDER DER EUROPAISCHEN UNION (EG) Es ist verboten, jede Art von Elektro- und Elektronik-Altgeraten als unsortierten Siedlungsabfall zu entsorgen: es ist Pflicht, diese separat zu sammeln. Das Abladen dieser Gerate an Orten, die nicht speziell dafur vorgesehen und autorisiert sind, kann gefahrliche Auswirkungen fur Umwelt und Gesundheit haben. Widerrechtliche Vorgehensweisen unterliegen den Sanktionen und Ma.nahmen laut Gesetz. UM UNSERE GERATE ORDNUNGSGEMA. ZU ENTSORGEN, KONNEN SIE: a)

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Then press [Start Print] to start printing. Document 001 Cancel Start Print Copy(s)(1 - 999) Removing USB Memory Remove the USB memory. CAUTION: Be sure to follow the proper procedure to avoid damaging the destruction of data or USB memory. Press the Document Box key. 1 Press [Removable Memory]. 2 Press [Remove 3 Memory]. Status 10/5/2006 10:10 Removable Memory Detail Delete Memory Detail 001/999 Name Date Size Remove Memory Print Custom Box Job Box Removable Memory FAX Box Document 1 MB 1 Docum

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• When loading the paper, keep the side toward the sealed side facing up. • Paper length and width guides must be adjusted to the paper size. Loading the paper without adjusting these guides may cause skewed feeding and paper jams. • Be sure that the paper length and width guides rest securely against the paper. If there is a gap, readjust the guides to fit the paper. OPERATION GUIDE Preparation before Use Insert the appropriate paper 5 size card in the slot to indicate the size of the paper ins

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Keep it close to the copier for easy reference. PUBLICATION ISSUED BY: Olivetti S.p.A. Gruppo Telecom Italia Via Jervis, 77 - 10015 Ivrea (ITALY) Copyright © 2006, Olivetti All rights reserved July 2006 The mark affixed to the product certifies that the product satisfies the basic quality requirements. The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out modifications to the product described in this manual at any time and without any notice. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark. The ENERGY STAR pr

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Click the "Olivetti d-Copia 150D" icon and click "Get picture" in "Imaging Tasks". Olivetti d-Copia 150D 3 The "Scanner and Camera Wizard" appears. Click "Next" and establish the basic settings for scanning. For information on the settings, see the Windows XP help file. After completing each setting, click "Next". 4 Select a name, format, and folder for the scanned image. For information on the image name, file format, and folder, see the Windows XP help file. 5 Scanning begins. When scanning en

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Do not use envelopes that are filled with air or envelopes that have labels or stamps attached. These will cause physical damage to the unit. ** For paper weighing from 104 to 128g/m2, A4 is the maximum size that can be fed through the single bypass. • Special papers such as transparency film, labels and envelope must be fed one sheet at a time through the single bypass. 15 3 LOADING THE PAPER TRAY 1 Raise the handle of the paper tray and pull the paper tray out until it stops. 2 Remove the pres

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The display shows: If you want to restore the current time, press the key, the key and take the following step. -Overwrite with the new number and confirm the setting by pressing the key or press the key, type the new number and confirm the setting by pressing the key or confirm the existing one by pressing the key straight away. The display shows: ! The fax machine's memory allows you tosend a document (even at a preset time: "Delayed transmission") to several correspond- If there is a pow

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(Case 3 connection) 1. Insert the plug of the additional device into the wall telephone line socket (see diagram). If you want, using the relevant adapter (as for the case 1 connection), you can connect another device to the "EXT " socket for connection to the telephone line on the fax machine. 3 C OTHER DEVICES A B D B C C A B C A B D B C D B CD CASE 2 CONNECTION CORD FAX EMERGENCY TELEPHONE OR EXTERNAL ANSWERING MACHINE Connection sockets CASE 3 CONNECTION (GERMANY) CORD FAX EMERGENCY TELEPHON

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• Each sheet of paper that is A3 (11" x 17") size is counted as two sheets. • Each sheet of paper used for automatic two-sided copying is counted as two sheets (A3 (11" x 17") paper is counted as four sheets.). Display contrast Screen contrast adjustment is used to make the touch panel easier to view under various lighting conditions. Touch the [LIGHTER] key to make the screen lighter, or the [DARKER] key to make the screen darker. List print Use this to print the PRINTER TEST PAGE, the FAX REPO