PictureTel 760XL

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Format the PC card. - Double-click the downloaded .EXE file to EXTRACT the contained files. (Please note that the PT760 2.10 file was fully checked and was reported to be free from viruses at the time of posting to this ftp/web site.) When the dialog box prompts for the destination folder to UNZIP to, choose the drive name (i.e. D:\, E:\, etc) of the PCMCIA card (Do not enter any subdirectory information other than the drive letter). - Prior to installing the PCMCIA card into the PT760 or PT76

PictureTel 760

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This artifact is eliminated with 760 version 2.10. Accord bridge versions 2.22.293 and 3.01.337 have been tested. A PT760 and 760XL using any version between 1.2x and 2.0 would experience audio artifacts - periodic thumping sound - when connected to a Lucent, Avaya or Accord MCU. This artifact is significantly reduced or eliminated with 760 version 2.10. Download and install Instructions: Attached are the instructions for downloading the 2.10 build to a PC card for installation into a PT760 o