Plinius Audio M12

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Please read this manual fully before you attempt to use the Model 12 as it does require some familiarisation before you add it to your music system. Serial Number: Date of Manufacture: Final Test Certified by: PLINIUS M12 Instruction Manual Page 1 INTRODUCTION The Plinius Model 12 Preamplifier is a continuation of the design philosophy embodied in all Plinius Amplifiers and involves the use of assymetrical circuit topology as opposed to the more normal symmetrical approach. The Model 12 is avail

Plinius Audio Anniversary Integrated Amplifier

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Plinius products are designed and manufactured by Plinius Audio Limited, New Zealand. 2 PLINIUS ANNIVERSARY Introduction Congratulations on your decision to become the proud owner of this Plinius Anniversary Integrated Amplifier. This manual has been prepared to help you understand the operation of your amplifier, and to provide information about its design and the variety of ways it may be used. We have designed and manufactured this amplifier to reproduce your favourite music faithfully and ac