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(See Figure 13) NOTE: Torque of spark plug is 18-22 foot-pounds (25-30 Nm) 8. Reattach spark plug wire to spark plug. Questions? Call Toll Free at 1-800-737-2112 14 Copyright © 2009 MAT Engine Technologies, LLC Maintenance (Continued) • Save all instructions H How to Prepare for Storage A WARNING Never store the edger indoors with fuel in the fuel tank. Never store in an enclosed, poorly ventilated area where fumes could reach an open flame, a spark or a pilot light as on a furnace, w

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REVERSE LEVER (See Figure 10) Engages wheels and tines into reverse. Pulling the drive safety control lever (REVERSE) toward the handlebar reverses tiller. Releasing the lever stops the wheels and tines. Reverse Lever Engaged Reverse Lever Figure 10 Forward Lever Engaged Figure 9 Questions? Call Toll Free at 1-800-737-2112 13 Copyright © 2009 MAT Engine Technologies, LLC Operation (Continued) • Save all instructions AdjustmentsH WARNING ENGINE SHOULD bE OFF bEFORE ADJUSTING ANY CONTROLS. EXTREME

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CHECK OR FILL ENGINE CRANKCASE Important: Engine is shipped from factory without oil. You must add engine oil before starting engine. 1. Add oil according to engine manual. Do not overfill. Use a clean, high quality detergent oil. Do not mix oil with gasoline. Oil level must be full. check the oil level by removing oil fill plug. 2. Always check oil level before starting engine. Refer to engine manual for capacity and type of oil to use. CHECK TILLER TRANSMISSION OIL Important: Tiller transmissi

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P-FTT-160MD-[E] P-FTT-160MD Look inside for: Page Safety Definitions 1 Important Safety Information 2-4 Product Specifications 5 Parts & Features 5 Safety Decals 6-7 Assembly 7-9 Engine Preparation 10 Operation 11-14 Maintenance 15-16 Technical Service 17 Troubleshooting 18 Warranty 19-22 Espanol 24-26 IMPORTANT: Thank you for purchasing this Powermate® Tiller. This manual provides complete instructions for safely operating and maintaining your Tiller. Read and save these instructions. Refer to

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Loosen lower jam nut. Turn nut down cable in 1/8” increments. 2. Tighten upper jam nut. 3. Check adjustment. This procedure can be repeated until conduit adjustment bolts are fully adjusted. If no more adjustment can be made, belt may have to be replaced. Forward Cable Upper Jam Nut Lower Jam Nut Figure 14 Tilling Tips J The key to successful tilling is to begin with a shallow cut on the first pass, and then work an inch or two deeper on each successive pass. • Tilling depth will vary with groun

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Turn the attachment so “This Side Up For STORAGE” is up. 2. Insert the attachment into frame opening, with the orientation identified on the label. 3. The edge of the attachment will be supported by a bracket under the frame. 4. Secure the attachment by forcing it upward and rotating it so the pin on the frame will insert into the slot on the attachment. Slot Support Rod Front Flow Attachment Figure 10 E Tips for Using your Walk Behind Blower WARNING Read the Operator’s manual. Know location and

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WARNING To prevent accidental starting when setting up, transporting, adjusting or making repairs, always disconnect spark plug wire and put wire where it cannot contact the spark plug. PREPARATION SAFETY WARNING • Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine and in this manual. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the blower before starting. Know how to stop the engine quickly. • Familiarize yourself with all the safety and operating decals on this equi