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Repair or replace a damaged or worn cord immediately. This product is for use on a nominal 120 V circuit and has a grounding plug similar to the plug illustrated in figure 1. Only connect the product to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. Do not use an adapter with this product. See Figure 1, page 16. A WARNING: Keep the extension cord clear of the working area. Position the cord so that it will not get caught on lumber, tools, or other obstructions while you are working with

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Turning the knob fully counterclockwise will completely stop the flow of air, as shown in the start up section of the quick reference label. NOTE: Always use the minimum amount of pressure necessary for your application. Using a higher pressure than needed will drain air from the tank more rapidly and cause the unit to cycle on more frequently. ■ When finished, always drain the tank and unplug the unit. Never leave the unit plugged in and/or running unattended. 13 - DRAINING THE TANK See Fi

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. .Never use this tool in a manner that could cause a fastener to be directed toward anything other than the workpiece. . .Do not use the tool as a hammer. . .Always carry the tool by the handle. Never carry the tool by the air hose. . .Do not alter or modify this tool from the original design or function without approval from the manufacturer. . .Always be aware that misuse and improper handling of this tool can cause injury to yourself and others. . .Never clamp or tape the trigger or workpiec

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The proper rate of feed is dependent upon: n the hardness and moisture content of the workpiece n the depth of cut n the cutting diameter of the cutter. When cutting shallow grooves in soft woods such as pine, a faster rate of feed can be used. When making cuts in hardwoods such as oak, a slower rate of feed will be required. Several factors will help you select the proper rate of feed. n Choose a rate that does not slow down the trimmer motor. n ..Choose the rate at which the cutter advances fi

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When properly cared for, it will give you years of rugged, trouble-free performance. WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, the user must read and understand the operator's manual before using this product. Thank you for buying a Ryobi product. OPERATOR'S MANUAL LAMINATE TRIMMER DOUBLE INSULATED TR45 SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE TABLE OF CONTENTS • Introduction ...............................................................................................................................

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(34.9 mm) Collet 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) Horsepower 3/4 Rating 120 volts, 60 Hz AC only, 3.8 amperes No Load Speed 23,000 RPM Power Cord 10 ft. (3 m) Net Weight 3.0 lbs. (1.4 kg.) THANK YOU FOR BUYING A RYOBI LAMINATE TRIMMER. Pay close attention to the Rules for Safe Operation, Warnings, and Cautions. If you use your trimmer properly and only for what it is intended, you will enjoy years of safe, reliable service. Thank you again for buying Ryobi tools. Your new trimmer has been engineered and manufac

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A wire gage size (A.W.G.) of at least 16 is recommended for an extension cord 100 feet or less in length. A cord exceeding 100 feet is not recommended. If in doubt, use the next heavier gage. The smaller the gage number, the heavier the cord. 22. OUTDOOR USE EXTENSION CORDS. When tool is used outdoors, use only extension cords suitable for use outdoors. Outdoor approved cords are marked with the suffix W-A, for example -SJTW-A or SJOW-A. 23. KEEP CUTTERS CLEAN AND SHARP. Sharp cutters minimize s

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Do not put hands or other objects into fan housing. Keep hands and feet away from rotating impeller. APPLICATIONS With Turbo Blower Add-On: • Up to 145 MPH Velocity Air Flow for Fast Clearing of Large Areas. • Flare Nozzle for Large Areas. • Concentrated Nozzle for Hard to Reach Places. Shaft Housing Hanger Housing/Air intake Concentrator Nozzle Flare Nozzle KNOW YOUR UNIT RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION APPLICATIONS With Turbo Blower Add-On: • Up to 145 MPH Velocity Air Flow for Fast Clearing of Large

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Read the operator's manual for complete safety, assembly, operating and maintenance and repair information. SYMBOL MEANING • SAFETY ALERT SYMBOL Indicates danger, warning, or caution. May be used in conjunction with other symbols or pictographs. •WARNING - READ OPERATOR'S MANUAL Read the Operator’s Manual(s) and follow all warnings and safety instructions. Failure to do so can result in serious injury to the operator and/or bystanders. • WEAR EYE AND HEARING PROTECTION WARNING: The operation of

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• Watch out for children, pets, open windows, or freshly washed cars, and blow debris away. • After using blowers and other equipment, CLEAN UP! Dispose of debris in trash receptacles. TIPS FOR BEST TRIMMING RESULTS • Keep the cutting attachment parallel to the ground. • Cut from left to right whenever possible. Cutting to the right improves the unit's cutting efficiency. Clippings are thrown away from the operator. • Trim only when grass and weeds are dry. • The life of your cutting line is dep