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• Death or Serious Injury Can Occur: • Bed rail can trap young children against mattress, headboard, or footboard. • Use only for children who have outgrown a crib. NEVER use inplace of crib. • Use only with children who can get in and out of adult bedwithout help. • ALWAYS keep bed rail pushed firmly against mattress and atleast 9 inches from headboard and footboard. • NEVER use on toddler bed, bunk bed, water bed, or bed with inflatable mattress. Use only on adult bed with mattress andbox spri

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(800) 544-1108 Styles and colors may vary. Distributed by Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., 2525 State Street, Columbus, IN 47201-7494 In Canada: 12345 Albert-Hudon, Suite 100, Montreal-N, QC Canada H1G 3K9 08/04 4358-3537 ADULT ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. TOOLS NEEDED: SCREWDRIVER. KEEP SMALL PARTS AWAY FROM CHILDREN DURING ASSEMBLY. To Install NOTE: ONLY USE THE LEVER HANDLE LOCK ON INTERIOR DOORS. DO NOT USE THE LEVER HANDLE LOCK ON A DOOR THAT LEADS OUTSIDE. 1. Choose which side of the door you wish to ins

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(800) 544-1108 Made in USA. Fabrique aux Etats-Unis. Hecho en EE.UU. Styles and colors may vary. Les styles et les couleurs peuvent varier. Los estilos y los colores pueden variar. Distributed by (distribue par) (distribuido por) Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., 2525 State St., Columbus, IN 47201-7494 Dorel Distribution Canada, 873 Hodge, St. Laurent, QC H4N 2B10 8/30/06 4358-3305C WARNING: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING WARNINGS AND ALL ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE TUBSIDE BATH SEAT.

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Distribue par Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc. 2525 State Street, Columbus, IN 47201-7494 USA Au Canada : 12345 Albert-Hudon, Suite 100, Montreal, QC Canada H1G 3K9 11/04 4358-3591B 41823 Barriere de securite Double Action Mode d’emploi FR 6 mois a 24 mois WARNING: CAUTION: • TO PREVENT SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, securely install gate or • ALWAYS check regularly to ensure enclosure and use according to manufacturer’s instructions. gate and locking systems are secure. • TO PREVENT FALLS, never use at top

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From essential safety aids to developmental playthings, our products uphold our permanent commitment to safety, while offering the extra convenience, durability, and innovation you need to care for your growing child. WARNING: • This bouncer is designed for children who weigh LESS than 25 lbs. (11.3 kg). • READ all instructions before use of the Bouncer. • KEEP instructions for future use. • DO NOT use this Bouncer if it is damaged or broken. • ALWAYS use the restraint system. • NEVER leave chil

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Align tray with a number and press tray down until it snaps into place. Pull on tray to ensure that it is completely engaged (Figure 3). To remove tray: Pull handle on one side of tray and lift off booster seat. Serving tray: Lift up to remove. Align on main tray for use. WARNING: The tray is not a restraint device. ALWAYS use restraint straps to secure child to booster seat. TIP: For toddlers, remove the tray and your toddler can begin using the table. 3 3 Charolas: La charola tiene tres posici